Discover ways to reinvent your old lanyards

4 Ways to Reinvent Your Old Lanyard

Why buy a whole new lanyard when you can simply revamp your old one? Not only is this a way to promote sustainability in the workplace, but you will be saving your company money and resources. There are many ways to achieve this, from badge holder attachments to carabiner badge reels. With a variety of lanyard products from Specialist ID, you will hardly recognize your improved lanyard!

New Strap Clips

Every standard lanyard has space for a new and improved strap clip. This portion of your lanyard can often show wear and tear before the rest of your lanyard has begun to expire. However, the strap clips at specialist ID are built to last so that you can wear your lanyard with pride and confidence.  

This product comes in many different sizes and colors for a stylish addition to your existing lanyard. The ranging sizes allow you to personalize your product to meet your exact needs and badge requirements, and some even allow you to attach multiple ID badges and badge buddies with their two-hold strap design. The large array of colors to choose from ensures that your strap clip is the best fit for your style and functionality. 

Add a Badge Buddy

Custom printed badge buddy vertical

If you are looking to spruce up the ID badge portion of your lanyard, consider investing in a custom badge buddy. These products work in conjunction with your existing ID badge by extending past the bottom of your badge with a job title or label. 

Our badge buddies come in a range of sizes and orientations and can even be customized to say whatever you would like in two lines. Of course, if you prefer a more standardized label, these badge buddies also come with typical titles such as “nurse,” “student,” “manager,” etc.… We have the badge buddy for you, no matter what your job is!

Attach a Carabiner Badge Reel

Are you interested in elevating your lanyard with additional attachments? Badge carabiners are the easiest way to add utility to any lanyard or existing badge product. By clipping this product onto the end of your lanyard, you can attach another ID badge or card to your neck and extend this card without strain. These badge reels are rated for 100,000 pulls with a tether with an average 34 to 48 inches extension. These products are built to last with their simple latches and heavy-duty design.

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Travel with your Pens

Retractable Pull Badge Reel Pen Holder

Another benefit of reinventing your lanyard with new products is increased mobility and utility. Moving around the workplace with everything you need, handsfree, requires you to find a way to carry a pen, or other writing utensils, with ease. Thankfully, Specialist ID has just the product to make this possible.

Our retractable pen holder allows you to attach your writing utensil of choice to a rubber cap that keeps your pen secure until you need to use it. This product also comes with a carabiner clip for quick and easy attachment to your lanyard and a belt clip that can readily clip onto any clothing for a versatile addition to your supplies. 

Don’t let your old lanyard get stuffed into the back of your drawer; set a good example for sustainability and simply reinvent your tired product! You can seamlessly tackle any issue at work with these additions.

Check out these products and more on the Specialist ID website.

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