5 Ways To Make Wearing A Lanyard Actually Cool

5 Ways To Make Wearing A Lanyard Actually Cool

Lanyards are an everyday accessory for professionals. Whether in the office or at an outdoor event, lanyards are a great way to keep your belongings accounted for. But it can get boring wearing the same accessory every day, and most lanyards have few color and customization options. Some don’t even include versatile clip attachments! 

At SpecialistID, we want to make you feel cool and comfortable while wearing your lanyard. So here are three ways to wear and personalize your lanyard so you can feel like the rockstar you are at work. 

Customize Your Lanyard

It can feel drab wearing the same black cord around your neck daily. That is why we offer Custom Printed Lanyards! Our online designer tool allows you to upload your own graphics, include custom text and fonts, and choose between various lanyard colors. This is a fun way to show off your company’s logo, alma mater’s school colors, or favorite sports team’s mascot. 

In addition to customizing your design, you can choose your preferred materials, lanyard width, breakaways, and attachments. These little details can go a long way in turning your lanyard into a unique accessory that you want to wear. 



 Try a Fashionable Badge Holder 

Are you looking for a badge holder that keeps your belongings more discreet? Or, do you want a more uniform accessory with your work clothes? Our Top Loading ID Card Badge Holder keeps your credentials safe and sleek. Coming in two color options (black and blue), this badge holder comes in a heavy-duty material that is ideal for those working in highly active industries. Plus, its design can hold multiple IDs at once, which is perfect for those working in airports, government offices, and more. 

This is an excellent transitional accessory to wear in and out of the workplace. It is also a great piece to wear when traveling. Keep your credit cards, ID, and door key cards all in one stylish place—without having to reach for your wallet.







Wear Your Lanyard Several Ways 

Many professionals grow tired of wearing their credentials around their necks. Luckily, we offer a variety of end-fittings that can clip onto your bags, keys, and belts! In addition, you can wear your credentials in many different ways! 

Need help deciding on an end-fitting? Here are just a few you can choose from:

  • Bulldog Clips: Perfect for holding masks or slot hole punch credentials around your neck
  • Swivel Hooks: Great for a variety of our badge holders to keep on your bags
  • Rings: Ideal for holding keys and crafts around your belt loop 
  • Badge Reel Combo: Useful for healthcare professionals to keep credentials on their clothing with a badge reel




With our products, the possibilities are endless! So now’s the time to change how you think about your lanyards. Turn your work outfit from drab to fab, and visit Specialist ID to see all our products. 

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