Collection: Badge Buddies

Badge buddies allow for quick easy identification of key hospital personnel, including nurses, students, doctors, RN, LPN, LVN and more. By adding a colored badge buddy role card behind your existing photo ID, both staff and patients will easily be able to recognize who is who in the busy hospital environment. The color-coded badges make identification easy, even from a distance. We carry a huge selection of the most popular badge buddies and also offer custom printing for those harder to find or unique titles.

Badge buddies are for simple and fast role identification for essential hospital personnel such as

  • Nurses 
  • Students
  • Doctors
  • RN
  • LPN
  • LVN

...and so much more.

When you add a colored badge buddy role card behind your ID card, people know who is who in a go, go, go hospital situation. These badges are super visible, making identification an easy job even if people are at a distance from each other. We carry a huge selection of the most popular badge buddies out on the market.

Specialist ID offers you a complete guide to choosing the best badge buddies available. Whats more, you can provide your team with these materials no matter how many or how few people you work with because we have no minimum order. Lets explore some of your options.

How To Choose Between Horizontal And Vertical Badge Buddies

These badge baddies are perfect for retrofitting onto your existing ID scheme. Some hospitals have horizontally oriented ID cards, and others have vertical cards. Whats more, some update their ID cards every year as a security measure. Still others orient cards in different ways depending on the position of the wearer, physician, CNA, RNA, and so on. Because we offer no minimum order, you can supply your team with both vertical and horizontal badge buddies easily. These badge buddies attach to your lanyard the same way your ID card does.


This Licensed Vocational Nurse badge buddy is ideal for showing both nurse ID credentials and identifying your team member as a nurse for instant roll recognition in a crowded and quick-paced hospital environment. This vertical badge holder is perfect for letting faculty and patients know you belong there right away. These badge buddies are printed on both sides so your text will be visible even if your ID spins around while you are working or moving quickly from place to place.

This badge buddy is Teslin and fully laminated. It is one of the strongest available to people in the medical industry, and it is easy to wear it under the badge you already have. You dont have to modify your existing ID badge to use this badge buddy. Connect this through the same clip as your ID and it is ready to go.

ANESTHESIA TECH HORIZONTAL BADGE BUDDY: Teal Color Code To Make Your Credentials Known

There isnt much time to ask questions about who does what when youre in the middle of an emergency. This anesthesia tech badge buddy is perfect for instant role recognition when you are in the high-pressure environment of a hospital. This badge buddy is one of the absolute toughest in the industry thanks to the fact that it is made out of Teslin. You dont need to modify your existing ID badge in the slightest. All you have to do is attach this through the same clip as your ID, and youre ready to get to work. The printing is the same in both sides, so if it spins around on both sides, the text and color code is visible on both sides. No minimum order is required when you get these badge lanyards. That means no matter how big or small your anesthesia staff might be, you can be sure you are supplying them with the materials they need without buying too many or too few.


Role recognition is so important when a team is solving problems. It lets people know who must be deferred to when and why. The faster this can be accomplished, the safer your team will be. This horizontal red badge buddy reads physician. It fits under whatever ID card you have already been using wherever you work. As described in the other badge buddies we have been looking at, these simply attach using whatever method you used for your ID badge. The tough material wont wither under moisture or simple scuffing, which makes it perfect for work in any environment.

CNA BADGE BUDDY: Bright Yellow Border For Color Coding And High Visibility

Role recognition helps hospital teams get to work faster. Thats why we offer these bright yellow badge buddies that announce your role as soon as you look at them. Color coding speeds up the recognition time by a significant degree. The rest of the response team does not have to waste time squinting to read letters. They can just see yellow on this CNA badge buddy and know the wearer is a CNA. As with our other badge reels, this one is water resistant, too tough to tear, and ready for long term use in rugged conditions.

Customize Your Badge Buddies For Instant Role Recognition

Here at Specialist ID, we let you design your own badge buddies to match your hospitals brand. You get to choose the color scheme for your hospital, which is perfect because you get to make your badge buddies match your existing color scheme. This is very important when you are in the middle of an emergency. You dont want to change your scheme, because people will get confused. Whats more, your whole institution looks more official if you be sure to make your badge buddies match the colors of your text and logo. We offer pin badge buddies too, which let you support any cause near and dear to your heart while you are on the job.

NOTE: Color Coding Isnt Just For Medical Work

We offer custom color badge buddies because we know that other industries use this system as well. You get to customize your text for whatever color code and scheme your company needs.

Contact Specialist ID For Expert Guidance On Custom Badge Buddies, Color Coding And More

Specialist ID offers custom badge buddies for a wide range of industries. Whether you are at a medical institution or need color coding for another purpose, we are happy to take all of your questions. Contact us online to learn more.