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Common Badge Buddy Titles

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Common Badge Buddy TitlesFinding Badge Buddies at a reasonable price takes some time.To make sure youre getting the best price possible, youll need to shop aroundfor a good distributor that will not only offer you an unbeatable price, butalso provide efficient shipping. Once youve achieved that, then youll need tofigure out exactly which kind of titles you need for your organization.

If you are a purchaser shopping for a healthcare facility,Specialist ID, a badge holder and accessory distributor in South Florida, stockspre-printed Badge Buddies that are ready to ship out to your facility at amoments notice. The most common titles that healthcare purchasers typically orderare:

- RN
- Registered Nurse
- Medical Assistant or MA
- Nurse Anesthetist

We also have pre-printed Badge Buddies with Doctor andMD on it, and these are also in demand. Its just typically because of howthe healthcare industry is consistently growingthe need for such positions listedabove is in tandem.

About Badge Buddies

Badge Buddies is a quick way to identify personnel. Theyreworn with a picture ID to better distinguish one role from the other. BadgeBuddies come in two different orientations: horizontal and vertical, and theyalso come in a variety of colors18 to be exact.

While Badge Buddies are in high demand in the medicalindustry, theyre also beneficial in other markets as well. Highly employedindustrial settings, superstores, non-profits and the like can use BadgeBuddies to make their customers and workers feel more comfortable in theworkplace by simply being able to identify who theyre working with and whosservicing them.

Here is a list of other pre-printed titles that SpecialistID has in stock:

- Delivery
- Student
- Cashier
- Manager
- Customer Service
- Shift Leader
- Volunteer
- Vendor
- Tech
- Coordinator
- Janitorial Staff

To look at all of the pre-printed titles that Specialist IDhas to offer, visit their online inventory of Badge Buddies here.

Color-Coded RoleRecognition

While Badge Buddies come in a variety of colors, SpecialistID Photographer and Product Specialist, Jinna Zapata says that the most popularcolors are red and blue for hospital purchasers. However, it all depends on thefacility. Each role recognition is color coordinated. So for any industry, itreally depends on how large your staff is, and how you choose to recognizepersonnel titles.

Save Money By BuyingMore!

With Specialist ID, Badge Buddies are fairly inexpensive.Depending on how many you need, you have the opportunity to purchase them for areduced price. Unlike most bulk distributors, there is no minimum order withSpecialist ID. So if you want to purchase one of each color, or just one BadgeBuddy, your order will be processed and shipped to you in 24 hours, no matterhow large or small the order is.

You can receive up to 34% off your BadgeBuddy order when you purchase in bulk, reducing the cost almost up to $1.00unit.

Customize Your BadgeBuddy

If you didnt see the title you were looking for, SpecialistID also customizes Badge Buddies! Youll have the convenience of creating yourpersonalized Badge Buddy online. Watch a video about how you can make your ownBadge Buddy here.Customized orders require a 6-10 day lead time before shipping them out, soplease keep this in mind when placing your order.

If you have any questions about Badge Buddy titles, callSpecialist ID toll free at 1-800-380-6726 or contact us online today!

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