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Badge Pouches at Wholesale Prices: Find the Best Fit for Your BusinessBadge Pouches at Wholesale Prices: Find the Best Fit for Your Business

Badge holders are more than clear pouches that keep photoID cards visible and clean. They’re used at social networking events, marketing events, conventions, tradeshows, and are a great accessory to any work uniform.

Specialist ID is a wholesale badge and accessories distributor located in Miami Fl. For decades, we’ve specialized in badge holders for just about every industry and niche. Whatever way you choose to make use of a badge pouch, when you shop on our website , you’ll find the right badge holder perfect for all of your unique business needs.

Step-Up Your Marketing Game

Many business owners spend hundreds of dollars outsourcing marketing teams for outreach strategies that may have little to no affect on profits. This comes at a huge loss, especially for smaller companies who are just starting out. Hiring outside help may be valuable at first, but overtime, it can get expensive and time consuming. If you need a simple and inexpensive method to get the word out about your product or services, then any of the standard vertical or horizontal vinyl badge holders is the perfect solution.

Use Your Badge Holder Everywhere!

Take your badge everywhere with you, even the gym! The Vertical Armband Id Badge Holder with Hook and Loop Closure is comfortable and great for anyone who loves to work out, and wants to go that extra mile in terms of marketing his or her company.

Vertical Armband Id Badge Holder with Hook and Loop Closure Video:

People will notice you wherever you go when you wear any of our vinyl badge holders. Simply attach your favorite lanyard or reel to the pouch, and let your badge do all the advertising work!

Larger Companies Benefit from Badge Holders

Larger companies can benefit too because the clear vinyl allows for timely access to secured buildings.Add a little fun to employees’ wardrobe when you choose from our color-coded badge holders. They’re great for staff to easily identify the job title or position of anyone, making an organized and smoother workplace.Order in bulk, and you and your entire team can show pride in your organization fashionably.

Save More Money, Buy in Bulk

Our badge holders are practical, versatile and easy to use. They’re also affordable!All badge holders are available at wholesale prices, meaning you save more money on your overall purchase.

What Can I Do With the Extra Badge Holders?

Here are few ways you could make of use excess badge holders:

1. Business owners who participate in conventions can use them as swag for promotions.

2. It’s great to have extra stored in the back of your office in case an employee loses a badge holder.

3. You can give them as gifts for customers or staff for special occasions like holidays or birthdays.

Specialist ID: Here to Help You Find the Perfect Badge Holder

The dedicated team at Specialist ID are committed to helping your business find affordable badge pouches that meets all of your goals. We offer fast delivery and provide accommodations for specials orders. To speak to a specialist or place an order, simply contact us or call at 1-800-380-6726.