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Clever Ways to Use Badge Holders for the Valentine Season

Clever Ways to Use Badge Holders for the Valentine SeasonValentine’s Day is approaching and while it’s known for being all about the hearts, candy, and flowers. In a way, this particular holiday is somewhat unfair because it’s biased. Traditionally, single people are supposedly excluded from this holiday, celebrating only couples. This is reportedly the second-most celebrated holiday in the United States next to December’s holidays. So, traditionally single people can’t celebrate Valentine’s Day.

Traditionally, that is.

Everybody loves getting gifts, no matter how big or small in size and value they are.

That’s why Specialist ID, ID wholesale badge distributor offers the seasonal Valentine’s Day Holiday Badge Basket to boost moral at your company!

What’s a Holiday Badge Basket?

Specialist ID has come up with a creative way to help your company show appreciation for dedicated personnel staff. Oftentimes, it truly is the little things that make the biggest impact and something as simple as brand new shiny badge holders to help celebrate the festive holiday season can actually make a difference.

The Valentine’s Day Holiday Badge Basket consists of a heart-shaped basket that contains an assortment of Valentine’s Day candies—something that will definitely bring people together!

Along with tasty candies, your holiday basket will include the following:

Ø 4 Translucent Red Heart Reels

Ø 4 White Heart Reels

Ø 4 Pink Heart Reels

Ø 4 Pink Ribbon Pink Reels

Ø 4 Pink Ribbon White Reels

Ø 4 Pink Ribbon Lanyards

Ø 4 Pink Lanyard/Badge Reel Combo

Ø 2 Specialist ID Heart Reels

Other Creative Ideas to Use Badge Holders

In addition to the holiday basket, you also can do other creative things with ID badges depending on what your budget is. For instance, for a specialized Valentine ID badge, you can create one with our Badge Buddies directly on our website here. Adorn your employee’s ID badges with customized Badge Buddies to say what ever you want. Use clever sayings from Valentine heart-shaped candy like “Be Mine” or a simple “Happy Valentine’s Day” with background coloring of red, pink, or maroon. Badge Buddies come in vertical or horizontal layouts starting at $2.68 per unit, but can go as low as $1.77 depending on how many you order.

Specialist ID also offers custom lanyards. Redesign your company logo with a Valentine’s Day theme and get it printed in either on a silk screen, full-color dye, or on a woven lanyard.

Order Now or Plan for Next Year!

It’s fair to take into account that some custom orders take 10-12 days of lead-time, but your order can be expedited if necessary. So, if you can’t make the order in time this year. We’re here for the following year or any other holiday occasion. Just call and speak with a Specialist ID representative to order your Valentine’s Badge Holders today at 1-800-380-6726 or contact us directly online to ask us a question. We look forward to speaking with you soon!