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Durable Badge Holders for Workers in Tough Environments

Individuals who work daily in extremely hazardous environments know the significance of a badge case that delivers strength. If you’re in the majority whose work setting is a bit risky, or maybe the job itself is strenuous, then you need a badge holder that packs in the punch, and holds up well against anything that may come your way.

Comfortable, Glow-in-the-dark Orange Armband

Some dangerous jobs involve working with heavy machinery, sometimes in middle of the night, where passing vehicles and public buses speed on the road. The Reflective Bright Orange Arm Badge is the perfect solution for anyone whose work leads well into the night.

This badge holder reduces roadside incidences with its glow-in-the-dark tabs that provide ultimate viability at night, and the bright orange color for daytime use. It’s adjustable, flexible enough to wrap around any arm width, and great for construction workers, police officers and traffic airport personnel.

The Sturdy West Coast Badge for Officers

Law enforcement must be able to stay on their toes and be ready for any situation. For a badge holder that packs in durability and protection, the Boston Leather Badge Holder Neck Chain is a top contender.

This option is great to keep any oval shaped metal badge in place, and has a strong and comfortable neck chain. It’s perfect for anyone in the criminal justice field whose work involves power and strength such as security guards and firefighters.

Military Tactical Badge with Various Color Options

The tactical Raine Military ID Badge Armband Holder clearly displays any military ID vertically. The velcro seal pocket firmly wraps around the arm without restricting movement. This stylish badge holder comes either in ABUCamo, black, forest green, multicam and tan.

Options for Persons in Medical Field

Even nurses are rough, the nature of their work that is. They’re often exposed to rowdy patients and must endure physical demands such as standing, walking and heavy lifting. Built with your safety in mind is the Dual –Sided Smart Card Holder. It’s comfortable and moves with you wherever you go. It comes with a breakaway feature to prevent choking or rough pulling, so it’s perfect for dealing with even the most difficult patient.

Is Your Badge Holder Tough Enough for Your Job?

When looking for the perfect badge holder, you need something that doesn’t bend easily and can withstand wear and tear from being used frequently. For those who work in harsh working conditions, a heavy-duty photo identification holder that doesn’t require frequent replacing, is sturdy and safe is beneficial on many levels. This one-time-purchase perk is a great investment for anyone who constantly has to replace their photo ID.

Specialist ID Has Everything You Need

At Specialist ID , we know what hard work takes. We’re a wholesale distributor of the best badge holders and accessories. We have experience working in the badge industry for over a decade. If you need a badge holder that’s perfect for you and meets your professional needs feel free to write to us, or call at 1-800-380-6726.