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3 Products to Keep Students Organized During Classroom Holiday Parties

With holiday celebrations right around the corner, students are excited, and the year is closing quickly. The festivities are meant to bring joy and gratitude; however, managing a room full of enthusiastic students comes with challenges. Ideally, the celebration will go smoothly and play out organized. 

Must-Have ID Products for Classroom Holiday Parties

We’ve curated a short list of the three badge products that you need to keep your students in line during the festivities. Everyone knows that students have minds of their own and can go in many unexpected directions, so these badges ensure that students are taken care of. Here are the items that you need!

Unisex Restroom Pass Keychain

Super easy to grab, the Unisex Restroom Pass Keychain is easy to carry and engineered to last. It is highly durable, light, and designed for repetitive use. Students will be happy to know they can carry it on their belt loop, keychain, or comfortably around their neck with a lanyard. The Unisex Restroom Pass Keychain is easy to use and hangs neatly on any wall hook. Additionally, these Unisex Restroom Passes are excellent for both public or private restrooms and are ideal for a classroom environment as well as all kinds of professional offices. The Unisex Restroom Pass Keychain is also sold as a 2-pack, so students can always have a backup.

Blank Horizontal Badge Buddy

The blank badge buddy is the perfect badge that helps you to provide instant role recognition to every student in the classroom and the broader school. Write your own text using permanent markers to customize the badge. This badge buddy easily clips onto existing badge reels, lanyards, or other kinds of standard badges. Badge buddies are favorites for students who enjoy seeing their own handwriting. Additionally, it is printed on both sides of the card to display visibly whatever side is showing. These badge buddies are perfect for students because they are printed on high-quality synthetic paper that is laminated for ultimate protection and durability, making it the toughest badge card in the industry.

Kid-Safe Double-Ended Lanyards with Safety Breakaway Clasp and Two Hook Endings (Short Length for Children)

Kids were walking around with these giant badges and lanyards, and it just didn’t look right. We know that teachers and parents like to equip their kids with the right supplies, especially during the holiday season, so we created a kids size! Measuring ⅜” in width and 12.5” in length, this kids' safe badge is designed specifically for children. Optimized for kids’ comfort, the double-ended hook makes it easy to latch onto badge holder slot holes, as well as ID cards, face mask loops, and more convenient identification pieces, perfect for all kinds of schools–from kindergarten to high school, public to private. This kids badge is designed with safety in mind, and they are engineered to keep the badge from twisting in the wrong direction, ensuring that it is readily accessible and easy to read for kids!

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