3 ID Products for baristas

3 Products for Baristas on International Coffee Day

Grinding coffee beans, steaming milk, taking orders, running between the register and the espresso machine. The life of a barista can be chaotic, especially when preparing large orders or handling a rush of customers. As busy as they are, baristas must also be precise, accurately measuring out coffee beans, determining the right milk temperatures, and creating a balanced blend of flavors. But all of this hard work amounts to a perfect, aromatic brew. 

Observed on October 1, International Coffee Day unites the caffeinated community of coffee lovers, roasters, baristas, and café owners to recognize the diversity, versatility, and value of the coffee industry. For 2023, the International Coffee Organization is marking the day with the #CoffeePeople campaign to promote workers’ rights to safe and healthy working environments across every level of the supply chain. This includes retailers, producers, farmers, baristas, and servers. 

International Coffee Day ID Essentials

And what better way to recognize International Coffee Day than by ensuring baristas have the right workplace accessories to securely hold and display their credentials? This year, celebrate International Coffee Day with these three products to help your baristas improve their workflows and add some personal flair to their uniforms. 

Custom-Printed Badge Buddy

With space to add two lines of text, this Custom-Printed Badge Buddy is an easy way to quickly identify key personnel. Badge buddies are worn underneath existing ID badges and allow for printing on both sides to ensure the text is visible. This helps customers and new employees locate their barista’s names and positions without problems. Compatible with all standard ID badges, badge buddies are fully laminated and pre-slot punched for immediate use. 

At SpecialistID, we know speed and mobility are crucial to maintaining a barista's workflow. With our durable, waterproof, and tear-proof design, baristas won’t have to worry about their ID badges being damaged or getting in the way. The badge buddy is also completely customizable, allowing each barista’s personality to shine. Whether displaying the café’s branded colors or a barista’s personal favorite shades, our badge buddy offers a rotation of options to suit different moods.

Custom-Printed Badge Reels w/ No Twist Design

Our Custom-Printed Badge Reels with No Twist Design provide another unique way to show off unique designs. With the ability to customize and print in full color, our badge reels are an excellent way to promote brand awareness, create a professional image, and enhance security for businesses of all sizes. They can even function as an extension of each barista’s personality, allowing them to add logos and designs that align with their interests. These badge reels also keep IDs facing forward, ensuring baristas can display their credentials without worrying about losing visibility of crucial identification information.

Heavy Duty Vinyl Vertical Badge Holder with Resealable Top

At SpecialistID, we know that spills happen, and when it comes to coffee, stains are expected. What better way to protect important identification information than with our Heavy Duty Vinyl Vertical Badge Holder with Resealable Top

Capable of comfortably holding three cards, our badge holders are sealed, waterproof, and weather-resistant. This makes them ideal for use in a bustling café environment where hot beverages constantly threaten to splash out of their containers and onto the closest surface. Just slip ID cards in through the top and attach the appropriate chain, lanyard, or badge reel. Now your baristas are equipped with reliable badge holders capable of lasting through a busy shift and an energetic environment. 

Not only will our products help your baristas keep their items safe from splashes, spills, and stains, but they will also ensure proper identification and workplace safety is maintained. 

Curious about additional products for your baristas? Browse our website to find the right items for your staff.

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