4 Corporate Uses for Badge Reels


When the words corporate come to mind, one might think of business attire. So it's natural to think that there's no place for badge reels. However, when you're thinking of corporate settings, you're usually going to have some level of work tiers that lead up to the corporate level.

Determining Who Wears What

Usually, corporate business is going to have a high amount of personnel. One thing that a corporate business will definitely have is proper identification (ID) for all of their personnel even the high-level workers. Now with high-level workers in the corporate setting, they really don't need to keep their work ID visible. It's usually any position held under executive administrator whose required to keep their ID seen at all times.

There are different types of corporate settings depending on the industry. Whichever type you might be working in, Specialist ID, a wholesale ID badge and accessory distributor based in South Florida can provide you with 4 good reasons why any corporate business can benefit from a badge reel. But first, let explain what exactly a badge reel is.

Badge Reel? What's That?

A badge reel is a small and lightweight retractable device that can attach to your clothing and stretches out as far as the length of your arm. The reel is strong enough to hold an ID badge holder, keys and even small tools. Depending on the type of badge reel you order, you can hold up to 15 keys.

The retractable cordage is stored in a lightweight compartment that Specialist ID offers in many different colors, solid, translucent and are even customizable. You have the choice of clipping the badge reel to your clothing with a regular clip, swivel spring clip, a rotating or non-rotating release latch.

Watch this video about how the badge reel with a spring and swivel clip works here.

Whichever kind of badge reel you choose for your personnel, Specialist ID is confident that your company will be able to apply one of these 4 uses:

  1. Customize it to Relay a Message Every company should have a slogan. It's good for moral as it reminds workers why they're there and what the end goal is.
  2. Provide Easy Access for Keys Badge reels are perfect for maintenance workers. The Key-Bak is durable enough to hold enough keys without the cord snapping. Workers can also attach their ID badge that often doubles as an access key onto a badge reel. Workers can access the building without ever having to detach from their keys.
  3. Keep Better Track of Your Departments Because badge reels come in different colors, administrators can take advantage of this, especially if you work within a huge corporation. You can color-code your personnel's ID badges with certain colors to better identify which department they belong to.
  4. Perfect for Couriers For jobs that require some workers to be in and out of the office on a daily basis, these people still need access to the building. And the badge reel is the perfect tool for the job. Not only will these workers keep their ID visible for security, but the retractable reel also provides easy access to swipe their card.

For a full list of all of Specialist IDs badge reel inventory, visit us online here. Contact us today to place your order.

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