4 High Quality Badge Holders That Will Last for Years

Tired of wasting your money with disposable vinyl ID badge holders, or even losing your ID card when the vinyl sleeve breaks? We get it. At Specialist ID we have a dozen different choices for badge holders that you won't have to replace for years. You can keep your routine for as long as you like and really get the most out of your one purchase. We offer several rigid badge holders and many wallet lanyards with ID card displays. Our pricing is unbeatable. Some of our products require no minimum order and are under a dollar, however we list our discount pricing for larger orders. Here are our top durable ID badge holders.

At only .79 each for one, and no minimum required, you can get standard, a rigid, open-faced cardholder. This one holds two cards! For more colors, you can also choose this product.

This more sophisticated badge holder has a squeeze-button, squeeze-to-read that opens the rigid badge to make inserting and taking it out easy, it also facilitates reading a chip.

Another savvy option is a simple cardholder that also protects your information from data skimming.

The super sturdy badge holder opens with a latch to pop the card in and out. The thick nylon rope lanyard loops through the ID card holder and has a thick detachable breakaway snap latch. Bonus: it protects your card from malicious scanners.

This military camouflage lanyard wallet holder has a clear, vinyl display for your ID badge (this has no safeguard) and a large enough pocket to fit your passport. It hangs around your neck, with the pocket contents held securely with a vinyl flap close. We cannot forget the handy pen loop holder.

This other Military Neck ID unfolds for you to slip your ID cards and badges in the sleeves and folds back up with Velcro. The slightly larger size sleeves fit money, business cards, and multiple IDs. Great for conventions and business meetings! Edged with material in black, tan and forest green. The chord has a slide adjuster for comfort. Plus pen loop to keep that pen handy for jotting information down.

Another version of these neck wallets features a zipper pocket on the backside to really keep things tight and safe. The ID slips in easily and to open the foldable wallet, you just unstick the Velcro closure.

This wallet has a vinyl insert on one side and a deep 6-inch pocket body for you to stuff whatever you may need to hold onto and closes with a zipper. Also includes a pen loop.

If you are the type who always likes to keep their bases covered and carries around two pens, this is the one for you. Not only does this wallet lanyard display your ID, has a pocket whose Velcro flap keeps everything safe, but the backside offers another pocket to keep your business cards handy and two pen slots. The lanyard can be adjusted for comfort.

Leather is highly durable and has been trusted more than synthetic materials. This neck lanyard is the epitome of the classic look with its black leather wallet and metal dog tag chain. It carries to vertical badges on either side.

An attractive version of the neck badge ID holder is this simple leather wallet with multiple card slots. The reinforced, thick leather lanyard with our Specialist ID logo embossed in the corner adds a bit of class. A lobster latch simply loops through the wallet ring and unhooks just as easily.

At Specialist ID we offer you a wide range of products, both disposable and cheap, as well as costlier, but long-lasting and classy. There's no doubt that you'll find something practical to fit your needs and budget.

Don't hesitate to call us at 800-380-6726 to find the perfect product for yourself or all of your colleagues! We adjust our pricing in a transparent manner right on the webpage, and you can always write us with any questions for your business.

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