4 Reasons To Consider Instituting an Employee ID Badge Policy

4 Reasons To Consider Instituting an Employee ID Badge Policy

In this day and age, with companies facing heightened security threats in the form of everything from COVID-19 to unwelcome visitors, utilizing employee ID badges is more important than ever.

Any company that wants to protect its sensitive information, as well as its employees, should issue a badge policy. But how does an employee badge policy strengthen security, exactly? And what other functions does a badge policy serve? Whether you have 10 or 100 employees, here are four reasons to consider instituting an employee ID badge policy.

Strengthen Customer Relations

If your company employees are frequently meeting with clients, a badge helps those customers to quickly identify the rank of whom they’re talking to, which can go a long way toward ensuring them that your employee has the power to help them.

Customers will be put at ease, and they’ll feel more comfortable building relationships with consultants. Not only will this help build confidence in your brand, but it’ll cultivate trust between your customers and your company. If you bring on new employees, a badge will give customers a comforting aspect of familiarity with those new employees.

Badges can also boost an employee’s confidence. If they’ve worked hard to reach a certain rank, they’ll feel proud to have their title displayed.

Increase Security

You don’t want just anyone walking into your building, and that’s where a badge comes in really handy—but it doesn’t stop there.

Not only will a badge policy prevent total strangers from walking into your company and potentially causing a threat to your property or employees, but it can also restrict access to certain rooms within the building so that employees can’t get into areas that require a higher level of authority or security. 

You can also issue a policy that all visitors wear a badge. This will help employees and other guests to easily identify if someone’s in the building who shouldn’t be. That’s an immediate improvement to security, all for the cost of a few badges.


Since badges are worn and displayed all day long, they also serve as a great branding tool. Your logo will be visible to anyone who comes into contact with them. This enables companies to promote their brand without spending extra money, as well as establish authority within your industry. 

A badge with your company’s logo, an employee's name, and title can also add an additional air of professionalism to your employees, further incentivizing customers to do business with you.

Increase Employee Accountability

A badge policy can enable you to keep track of when an employee checks in at their workstation, when they leave, and where they go throughout the day. This level of transparency will hold your employees accountable to their actions, and increase the likelihood that they’ll follow company policy.

Employees will also be accountable to each other. If an employee forgets their badge (this policy will also require staff to practice a basic level of responsibility), a policy that’s well-enforced will ensure that other employees will hold them accountable for acquiring a new badge before they start work.

Authorized Personnel Only

No matter what industry you’re in, you want the people in your building to be authorized, and to stay safe. This is by no means an exhaustive list of the benefits of issuing a badge ID policy; the benefits extend beyond this post, and go on to include perks like boosting company and employee morale.

Providing badges for your employees also doesn’t have to break the bank. With a variety of badge types to choose from at different rates, you can choose a badge system that fits your company’s needs and your budget. For questions on how to choose the best badges for your company, contact us today!

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