6 Creative Ideas to Jazz Up Your Badge Holder

6 Creative Ideas to Jazz Up Your Badge Holder

ID badges—they’re everywhere. 

From classrooms to corporate offices, government agencies to tech campuses, if you belong to a large organization, you’re likely required to wear an ID badge. For many people, wearing an ID on a lanyard or belted badge reel is just another part of the work uniform. 

But for some of us, being forced to make this utilitarian piece of equipment a part of our daily wardrobe is frustrating, especially for those for whom style is an extension of their personalities. 

Specialist ID gets that. The ID badge leader understands that customizing a badge ID with some personal flair is important to many people who want to make their required identification a showcase for their personality. 

Fortunately, perking up a badge is no problem. In this guide we’ll look at 6 creative ideas to jazz up your badge holder.

What is a Badge Holder? 

To begin with, you might be wondering, what is a badge holder? A badge holder is the device that contains an ID badge. While some companies have laminated badges that attach directly to a lanyard or badge reel, many place an ID within some kind of badge holder. And often the choice of this tool is up to staffers, giving employees free rein to dress it up as they want.

So how can you make your badge holder look a little more fun, or in this season, festive? Consider these six ideas.

1. Add a Badge Buddy

Beloved by nurses and teachers alike, badge buddies are a badge holder extender that give an ID badge more room to attach fun decorative items. Often these extenders give a person’s title, but they also are a great place to snap on some flair. 

For example, Specialist ID’s custom printed badge bottom vertical allows a business to personalize the copy at the bottom but then gives the wearer a chance to have a little fun with it. Etsy is a great place to find fun things to attach to a badge buddy. For the holidays, you could throw on some silly buttons or a Santa’s hat. For everyday use you could give a nod to a favorite hobby, like gardening with this cute button or hint at your love of travel with these jet-setting buttons

Simply pinning on a button can brighten up a badge and make you come across as more approachable in the process. 

2. Invest in a fun lanyard

A simple black lanyard does not an exciting badge ID make. If you want your badge holder to feel a bit more fun, buy a colorful or creative lanyard to suit your mood.

Specialist ID not only sells myriad choices in all kinds of designs (like chevron, American flag, and rainbow), they can customize lanyards too. Using their customization landing page, a person or business can prepare their own personalized lanyards selecting color, fabric, logo, and attachments. 

3. Add a cool badge reel

Don’t want to have your ID badge swinging from your neck, or need to hold more than just an ID on you at all times? Consider a badge reel to connect with your badge holder. These super useful tools extend and stretch a cord out so that you can swipe a badge without ever taking it off. 

For the sophisticated wearer, there’s the Key-Bak #489-SDK Duty Gear Retractor, a handsome leather holder that attaches to a belt. Or, if you’re a doctor, why not dress up your badge holder with a heart-shaped badge reel? Show your patriotism with a One Love badge reel, or put your own logo on it with a Custom Printed No Twist Carabiner Badge Reel.

4. Dress it up

It’s hard to wear formal clothing with a badge ID on your chest. But it turns out there are more formal options for badge holders that add a level of sophistications to the mandated accessory.

You can choose from professional options like the Magnetic Vertical Double Pocket Badge Holder. Like a wallet for your ID, this classic looking tool can rest in your back pocket, or securely fit in a breast pocket with your photo ID facing forward for easy yet smart looking identification. 

Or, for those in the military who are required to have their uniform ship shape at all times, an attractive Raine Military ID Badge Armband Holder with Two Straps looks crisp and clean while keeping the ID on an arm and out of the way. 



5. Go old school

Want to make your ID badge lanyard virtually invisible? Swap out a fabric lanyard for a metal chain. More like a piece of jewelry than work gear, this will make it blend in more and vanish next to professional attire.

6. Splurge on some sophisticated technology

You know what says “I’m a big deal?” A fancy badge holder that looks as good as its fraud-fighting power. For some people, an average badge holder just won’t do. Security needs require they find something that will protect their identity, and Specialist ID has just that in attractive designs that don’t sacrifice style for safety. 

Government employees, members of the military, high tech teams, all of these individuals may require RFID shielded technology. That’s why Specialist ID sells the EK Breakaway Lanyard with Detachable Dual Sided RFID Shielded ID Badge Holder and Black EK One Hander Holder with Detachable Lanyard (10983) by EK USA. These good looking badge holders can stave off scammers. And you know what never goes out of style? Peace of mind.

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