8 Reasons Why You Should Consider a Face Mask Chain

8 Reasons Why You Should Consider a Face Mask Chain

As of this week, there have been 8.82 million cases of COVID-19 in the United States. If that’s not a reason to strap on a face mask, what is? But we understand that face masks come with a handful of challenges.

A) They can be uncomfortable.

B) They require you to touch your face, something we’ve all been strictly warned against.

C) They can get lost!

So how do you avoid all of the above? You invest in a face mask chain. In this guide, we’ll go over 8 specific reasons to consider a face mask chain. 

Never lose it again

Who hasn’t rolled up to the post office or grocery store and suddenly realized, “Oops, I forgot my mask”? 

The best way to avoid this? A face mask chain. By wearing your mask around your neck, you’ll never forget it again. Specialist ID’s Face Mask Lanyard /Hanger with Safety Breakaway Clasp spares you the headache of heading back home, or begging a store clerk for a freebie mask. 

Avoid touching your face

The Centers for Disease Control and Prevention have been explicit in their instructions regarding the spread of COVID. According to their website, everyone should wash their hands before touching their face and “avoid touching your eyes, nose, and mouth with unwashed hands.” 

Easier said than done. Too often we don’t even realize subtle movements like scratching our nose or rubbing our eyes. Unfortunately, pulling a mask down comes with the possibility of exposing the face to unnecessary germs. Breakaway Face Mask Lanyards - Adjustable Straps, Double Clip Face Mask Holders, however, can help prevent that by releasing the mask via chain, keeping the hands well away from the face. 

Avoid Getting Dirty

What’s the first thing you do when you remove your face mask? Stuff it in your pocket? Your purse? Place it on a countertop? By plopping your face mask on these surfaces you’re exposing it to even more germs. 

Why do that when instead you can let it safely hang around your neck, preventing the introduction of even more bacteria? It’s easy to do with an Adjustable Length Face Mask Lanyard - Handy & Convenient Safety Mask Holder & Hanger. Thanks to this mask lanyard’s adjustable slider, it’s one size fits all and can be customized to a length that’s most comfortable for you.

Help your kiddo remember it

Right now, when many kids have returned to the classroom, a parent’s worst fear is that their child will lose their mask or forget to wear it, putting them in danger of contracting coronavirus. Cut the worry in half with a Kids Face Mask Lanyard / Hanger with Safety Breakaway Clasp from Specialist ID. Designed for little faces, these smart lanyards help your kids hang on to their masks no matter what they’re doing—playing on the playground, counting to 100, or learning their ABCs.

Add some style 

Want to dress up your mask game? Invest in a smart looking face mask chain. Not only will you be able to keep hold of it easier, you’ll look more professional in the process. The USA Made Adjustable Face Mask Lanyard - Woven Nylon Neck Hanger & Ear Saver with 2 Bulldog Clips is a stylish choice. 

Show your personality

Just because something is an essential part of your wardrobe doesn’t mean it can’t be an extension of your personality. Just look at ID badge buddies if you don’t believe us. Why not add a pop of color like with this bright red Special Order Adult Size Face Mask Lanyard / Hanger with Safety Breakaway Clasp

Lead by example

Looking to encourage others to wear masks? The best thing you can do is lead by example. Adding a face mask chain is just another way to show friends, family, and coworkers just how easy it is to keep one on your person at all times. Actions speak louder than words and putting your own PPE choices out there may influence someone else to do the same. 

Add a level of professionalism to your face mask game 

Rolling up to a socially distanced work meeting or event in a rumpled, dirty face mask you just pulled out of the depths of your purse is not a good look for 2020. 

If you want to keep your face mask crisp and put your best (covered) face forward, you’ve got to keep your mask clean and wrinkle-free. That’s not going to happen if you’re constantly pulling it out of your pocket. By keeping your face mask safely attached to a face mask chain it will stay clean, straight and ready to wear. A Face Mask Lanyard - Lightweight Facemask Neck Hanger & Ear Saver with 2 Bulldog Clips from Specialist ID can help. 

For more PPE tools, check out Specialist ID, the leader in lanyards, ID badges, and COVID-19 tools.

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