5 Essential Accessories For Travel Nurses Returning To Work Amid Covid-19

5 Essential Accessories For Travel Nurses Returning To Work Amid Covid-19

Guest Post: Jeremy Commisso, Founder & CEO of Nurse First Travel

As more people get vaccinated against COVID-19, many precautions for the pandemic are still in place. For hospitals and medical offices specifically, mask wearing and other measures are required to slow the spread. This makes nurses who travel for their assignments need the proper tools to keep them safe wherever they work.

Here are five essential accessories for travel nurses returning to work amid COVID-19.

Face Mask Lanyard

Keeping your mask on at all times is important when around others, whether it’s traveling or at the hospital. However, there may be times when it’s appropriate to remove it from your face. Instead of setting it down and forgetting where you put it, attach it to a mask lanyard! Clip the ear loops to the lanyard and hang it around your neck to always have a mask on you. 

Vaccine Card Holder

If you are vaccinated, you will likely want to bring your vaccine card with you. The standard size of the CDC vaccine cards are 4x3, which is too big for a regular wallet. Keep your card protected in a vinyl vaccine card holder. This plastic sleeve allows you to keep the card in a safe place where it won’t get torn up or scratched. Laminating the card can make it difficult to write any updates for future vaccines, so keeping in a place where you can easily remove it is a great option, Make sure to scan a copy and keep it at home for your records.

Rigid Badge Holder

As you travel and move around, keeping your ID badge safe is critical. Having to replace it can be a hassle, especially in a new environment. With a rigid badge holder, you can keep your ID in a snap case that protects it from scratches and fading. The case also has RFID blocking technology which protects your card from unauthorized scanning. Hackers can potentially gain access to your personal information this way, which compromises sensitive information. To scan your ID to enter rooms in the hospital or to clock-in, open the case and scan your card. This allows your card to be read and disables the RFID blocking.

Heavy Duty Badge Reel

Badge reels are often used by nurses so they can wear their ID at all times. Some can be flimsy and get caught on the string so it doesn’t pull properly. A heavy duty badge reel cuts back on unreliable reels and saves time when you need it most. The retractable reel is made of a steel cable that allows for smooth pulling when you need to scan your ID. The clip can be attached to a badge holder and gives you easy access to your ID whenever you need it.

Neck Wallets

When you’re in a new setting, it can be easy to misplace important items. To keep all your necessary documents and nursing licences in one place, consider a neck wallet. The front pocket has a transparent sleeve that can display your ID or vaccine card. The main compartment can hold all your other credentials and credit cards or cash. It can conveniently be worn around your neck so all your items are within reach.

As nursing needs change across the country, Nurse First Travel is ready to help nurses find their next assignment. Travel nurses can work for a limited time in various hospitals and get paid with no hidden fees. They will set up clear contracts and make it easy for nurses to find new jobs. For all your travel nursing accessories, Specialist ID is ready to help!
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