5 Accessories That Can Help Hospitals Maintain Customer Safety

5 Accessories That Can Help Hospitals Maintain Customer Safety

The COVID-19 pandemic has dramatically changed the way hospitals operate on a day to day basis. Patients and their families want the best care and expect the hospital administration to keep all areas clean. To help maintain a clean environment, there are several tools that can be used to assist this process.

Here are five accessories that can help hospitals improve customer safety.     

Breakaway Lanyards

Hospital staff are often expected to have their ID badge visible at all times. When it’s on a lanyard, it can possibly get caught on door handles or heavy machinery. To avoid this, have staff and doctors wear a breakaway lanyard. With these kinds of lanyards, the clasp at the back comes undone when pulled on. If something pulls at the lanyard, the person wearing it will not have it pulled on their neck. This will lessen the risk of trips and falls in the workplace and not have time wasted trying to undo the lanyard being tied up. If patients and visitors ever need a lanyard, giving them one with a breakaway clasp will ensure their safety.

Social Distancing Badge Buddy

As the pandemic continues, hospitals are still a place where COVID restrictions are heavily enforced. To remind people of social distancing guidelines, a badge buddy that states the recommended six feet of distance can help. Staff can wear them under their IDs so visitors know the protocols when talking to staff.

Face Mask Lanyard

For everyone in the building of a hospital, masks have become a common requirement. There may be some instances where removing your mask is appropriate and you need to put it down somewhere. Unclean surfaces are not an ideal place to set down your mask, so attach it to a face mask lanyard to have it on you at all times. These lanyards can be supplied to patients and staff to ensure they never are without protection. 

Plastic Badge Holder

The standard size for COVID-19 vaccination cards is 4x3, which is much larger than most wallets. To keep vaccinated patients’ cards in a safe place, the clear, plastic rigid badge holder is a great little compartment. This crush resistant shell will absorb impact from falls and leave the paper card untouched. There is also plenty of space for other cards and identification. If someone needs to present their CDC vaccine card for any reason, they just need to open the clasp and reach for their card. This is a better alternative to laminating the card, which could make it difficult to write on for subsequent shots.

COVID-19 Vaccinated Lanyards

To keep vulnerable people safe at all times, identifying who is vaccinated can help guide with this process. A eye catching red COVID-19 Vaccinated breakaway lanyard lets others know who has been given the shot or shots. The lanyard also comes with a 4x3 badge holder, which perfectly fits the vaccination cards given out to all being vaccinated. 

Hospital safety is important to all who enter hospitals. Sick patients and doctors visiting from room to room is a point of concern during a pandemic. With these accessories from Specialist ID, there can be more safety when at work and helping the community.

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