Top 3 Accessories That Will Help When You Get Your COVID Vaccine

Top 3 Accessories That Will Help When You Get Your COVID Vaccine

The COVID-19 vaccinations are becoming more readily available to the public. Essential workers and those most at risk have received the vaccine, with the rest of the population falling closely behind. We are getting closer and closer to reopening as these vaccines roll out in cities across the country. 

There are some products you will find helpful pre-vaccination and post-vaccination. Specialist ID has created an array of products to benefit our new norm. We are here to tell you the must haves to help you when getting your two rounds of the COVID-19 vaccination. 

Face Mask Lanyard

The goal of this vaccination is to keep yourself and others out of harm's way. Therefore, you’ll want to continue wearing a mask until you’ve received both vaccinations. We hope to have the inability to incur COVID-19 after undergoing this vaccination, but it is safe to wait it out and continue to use a mask until verified.

Face mask layards are essential for easy application and removal of your mask without having to hang it under your chin to eat, or waste time trying to remember where you left it. SpecialistID's face mask lanyard with safety breakaway clasp simply hangs around your neck and uses a J hook to eliminate pain behind the ears from uncomfortable metal placement. The simplicity of this product not only ensures your comfort and safety, but also helps protect those around you.

Vaccination Card Holder

The distribution of the COVID-19 vaccine means the beginning of a new era that will require the COVID-19 vaccination in public schools, workplaces, and possibly for travel. That means ensuring your health immunization card is secure is essential. Specialist ID is here to provide you with everything you need to present your vaccine records quickly and easily. 

The vaccine record card holders are four inches wide and three inches high; the standard for credential cards. They are perfect for keeping your ID visible and readily available. You can hold your health immunization card, work or school ID, standard ID and more in one convenient compartment.

Vaccination Lanyard

Make sure you don’t lose your vaccination card in the bottom of your backpack or purse with one of our adjustable breakaway lanyards.

Lanyards alone are the easiest way to keep credentials, keys, and more close to you and easily accessible. The Vaccination Lanyard will do just that for your new health record of the COVID-19 vaccination. This lanyard is a breakaway lanyard meaning if you’re all checked in and verified, you can simply breakaway your lanyard and place it elsewhere if you don’t prefer having something around your neck for most of the day. 

Get These COVID-19 Accessories Today

Visit Specialist ID to purchase your own vaccination card holder, vaccination lanyard, and face mask lanyard. Presenting your health record with ease is a pivotal next step in the process of combating COVID-19... Walking into a building with a seamless check will help us create a sense of normalcy. We are here to help provide all your wants and needs!

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