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Must-Have ID Products For Amusement Parks on National Roller Coaster Day

Calling all thrill-seekers, coaster connoisseurs, and amusement park aficionados—it’s time to celebrate the rush of National Roller Coaster Day! Whether you're looping through twists and turns or conquering your fear of heights, we've got a wild ride in store for you. Today, it's all about ID gear that's as daring and unforgettable as the coasters themselves. 

From waterproof ID cases that can handle the splash zones to lanyards that won't twist, tangle, or slow you down, we're bringing you the ultimate adventure in amusement park employee identification. Get ready to discover products that keep your employees geared up for action, rain or shine. Here are some of our favorites:

Waterproof ID Badge Holder

If you want to keep your employees organized and efficient on National Roller Coaster Day, try our waterproof ID badge holder. This product isn't just a badge holder— it's your staff’s ticket to an amazing shift. With this badge holder, your crew can help guests navigate the park and maintain safety while their IDs stay safe and dry. No more soggy or unreadable badges; this holder keeps IDs bone-dry, no matter the adventure. With a durable construction built to endure twists, turns, and even your fastest roller coaster, this product ensures your team's badges are as ready for action as they are. Plus, the vibrant color options allow them to show off their personality. Keep your employees' IDs safe and dry with this badge holder—order today!

Breakaway Lanyard

Ready to add a dash of style to your employees’ uniforms? Look no further than our breakaway lanyard—the ultimate accessory for your on-the-job thrill-seekers. Working in an amusement park means constantly moving, which can seriously mess up your employees’ IDs. No more badge acrobatics with this no-twist accessory; your team can conquer their shift this National Roller Coaster Day knowing their badges are secured. Safety comes first, and that's why our breakaway feature ensures your employees won’t get caught up while managing the park's guests. Plus, with vibrant colors and customizable options, these lanyards are the perfect way to showcase your business’s branding. So, gear up for a day of fun, and help your employees wear their badges twist and hassle-free. Get yours today!

Parking Permit

If you’re hoping to keep your guests as safe and organized as your staff, you need to try our parking permit. This is your ticket to hassle-free parking! Provide guests who buy a seasonal pass with this parking permit to cut down on traffic entering your park. This will allow preapproved and ticketed guests to enter the park quicker and cut down on the gridlock on high-traffic days like National Roller Coaster Day. This parking pass holder remains visible at all times when hung from their rearview mirror. Worried about wear and tear? Not with this product! This rugged holder is designed to withstand repeated uses because of its user-friendly design. Help your guests park like a pro and cut down on wait times with this parking permit— order now!

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