3 Products to Raise Awareness for Anti-Bullying Week

3 Products to Raise Awareness for Anti-Bullying Week

The third week of November kicks off anti-bullying week: an annual affair created to draw attention to the bullying epidemic and address ways we can move to prevent and respond to its impacts. This year’s theme is “reach out,” encouraging everyone to spread the word about bullying and empowering them to stand up for its victims. One of the best ways to draw attention to this cause is through themed merchandise that brings light to this issue.

Here at Specialist ID, we have all the products you need to reach out and spread awareness to stop bullying. Stock up on these awesome products to guarantee your allyship makes a lasting effect:

1. Bully Prevention Lanyard

Lanyards are a fantastic way to spread the word about your cause. When around your neck, they will fall directly into the line of vision of anyone you pass by. This provides the perfect opportunity to design them with information or slogans pertaining to your mission, like anti-bullying. 

Try this Bully Prevention Lanyard to boost awareness during this year’s anti-bullying week! Printed with the slogan, “prevent bullying – take a stand – lend a hand,” on a bright orange background, it clearly indicates a strong stance against bullying to everyone around. This is a great option for children as it is fitted with a breakaway clasp, and plastic hook, so anyone who wears the lanyard will remain safe from injury or harm. There is no better way to show your support and spread the word against bullying than with this lanyard!







2. Anti-Bullying Purple Wristband

Wristbands are another terrific way to raise awareness. Because they are so versatile—and more discrete than lanyards—they can be worn for a long time and in a variety of settings. This means you can continue promoting this cause outside anti-bullying week! Between their bright colors and bold lettering, you’re sure to generate buzz with a trendy wristband. 

For example, look into this Anti-Bullying Purple Wristband. Debossed with the statement, “save a life, words hurt – bullying,” all who wear this product will be getting the message out: bullying is a problem with severe consequences. This comfortable and functional wristband is both water and sweatproof, in addition to being available for children and adults. Everyone can enjoy flexing their support this November with this product.




3. Anti-Bullying Blue Wristband

This Anti-Bullying Blue Wristband is another great option for this year’s awareness week campaign. Like its purple counterpart, it features a pre-printed statement, reading, “help stop bullying - stand up and speak out.” This ties into the theme of reaching out, as it presents bystanders with a call-to-action and encourages them to join your efforts. With this product, you’re sure to rally the masses to stand up against bullying!







This anti-bullying week, make sure you spread the word in style with these top products. Let’s come together, reach out, and make a change. No act is too small; together, we can stop bullying. 

For more inspiration, be sure to take a look at more of our lanyards, and wristbands, as well as our other products such as badge reels and badge holders.
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