Badge Buddies and Identification Compliance Laws: What you Need to Know

Badge Buddies provides quick identification for institutions such as hospitals, schools, government institutions, and growing businesses like your own. Yet, those in the healthcare sector need to pay special attention to exactly what kind of information needs to be printed on your employees IDtags.

Compliance Law for Proper ID Tags in Healthcare

According to the Pennsylvania House Bill 1482 of 2010, employees that provide direct care to patients must have ID badges that meet specific requirements. This law has been put in place to help patients better identify who is taking care of them. This is most useful in crowded and busy health care environments.

The bill for this law was signed in 2010. However, full compliance passed on June 1, 2015. This means that all healthcare facilities must provide an ID badge that follows these requirements:

Employees full legal name

The name of the healthcare facility

The most recent photo of the employee that must be updated every 4 years

Employees job title

The job title must be as large as possible in block print and take up in height at the bottom of the tag. Additionally, specific professions will fall into the category of Physician, Registered Nurse(RN), Licensed Practical Nurses (LPN). According to the bill, all other job titles will be determined by the department. To learn more about the specific details on job titles, read the full Pennsylvania House Bill here.

Other InformationBadge Buddies Can Provide

If so desired, Badge Buddies can also provide additional Health Insurance Portability and Accountability (HIPPA) information such as the telephone number and website information to the compliance helpline, protected health information, and HIPPA privacy concerns.

Where to Order YourBadge Buddies

Specialist ID, a company that specializes in badge holders and ID accessories located in South Florida, offers Badge Buddies at an affordable rate per unit. They come in a wide assortment of colors to adhere to the compliance laws and is also available in pre-printed professional titles like nurse, physician and other titles associated within their field like a physical therapist, medical assistant, manager, and ER technician. They are also offered in vertical and horizontal formats.

No Minimum Order Required

Specialist ID also makes it easy for shoppers living anywhere in the world to order directly from their website without having a minimum order on any of their pre-printed badge Buddies. This is most beneficial for when you are hiring a new employee. You won't have to overspend or overstock your supply room with extra BadgeBuddies you don't need.

Need a little something More?

Take a look at Specialist IDs full online inventory here. You can place your order today! If you need custom-made Badge Buddies, you have the convenience of designing one online. You also have the assistance of an online support team to talk you through the process.

Get the full details of ordering your Badge Buddie by viewing this video.

If you have any questions regarding ID tags, call the toll free number at 1-800-380-6726. Businesses local to the South Florida area can call 305-220-5500. You can also contact us online today!

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