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5 Badge Holders To Gift Your Administration Staff On Labor Day

Labor Day is dedicated to honoring laborers and recognizing all of the contributions they have made. The American workforce has attained many achievements for our country and they should not go unnoticed. This national holiday is right around the corner so to help you celebrate, here are five badge holders to give your administration staff for Labor Day.

Silicone Cell Phone Wallet

An essential item your administrative staff can use is the Silicone Cell Phone Wallet. With its adhesive backing to attach to the back of a phone, this wallet can hold two standard credit card-sized ID cards and even a little bit of cash. This allows them to keep their photo ID, debit or credit card, driver's license, or public transportation cards in one convenient location. Plus, this phone wallet is available in four different colors to suit their personal preferences!

Silicone Cell Phone Wallet (SPID-050X)

Magnetic Vertical Double Pocket Badge Holder

The Magnetic Vertical Double Pocket Badge Holder is an ideal product for keeping two of your ID badges nearby but also conveniently out of the way. To wear, just slide one half of the wallet into your belt loop, shirt pocket, or collar, and the magnetic clamps will securely keep the wallet and badges out of the way. Also, the magnets on this holder are shielded to avoid any damaging or erasing of the data on your magnetically encoded badges.

Magnetic Vertical Double Pocket Badge Holder (1835-1115) 1835-1115

Vinyl Credential Neck Wallet

Your staff will always have their essentials at hand when they wear a Vinyl Credential Neck Wallet with Adjustable Lanyard. Its front and back feature a clear vinyl pocket for displaying an ID badge or credential pass, and it sports a pen holder for jotting down notes on the go. There’s also a zippered pocket that's perfect for storing small personal items such as credit cards, cash, a passport, or a small pad of paper. The neck wallet is the ideal solution for keeping all your essentials in one convenient place, reducing time spent searching for scattered or lost items. In addition to being convenient, this neck wallet can be custom printed with your name and position or company logo. Contact us for details.

Vinyl Credential Neck Wallet with Adjustable Lanyard (1860-3101 or CW-6-BLK) CW-6-BLK

Identity Stronghold Secure Badgeholder Classic

The FIPS 201 approved Identity Stronghold Secure ID Badge Holder Classic is great for staff with a job that keeps their hands full or requires gloves. The Squeeze to Read™ technology allows the card to be read by squeezing the tabs at the top while the ID badge stays locked in place. As if this didn't already provide enough security, the opaque sleeve blocks unauthorized readings of RFID chips in cards. This eliminates the risk of identity theft, invasion of privacy, tracking, or even card cloning so they won’t have to worry about their security. This secure badge holder is available in nine translucent colors.

Identity Stronghold IDSH1004-001B-002 Secure Badgeholder Classic

2-Sided Multi-Card Holder

The heavy-duty 2-Sided Rigid Vertical Multi-Card Holder is another perfect product for ensuring your administrative staff can keep essential credentials with them at all times. One side of this card holder features an open face so your ID can be readily displayed. On the other side, a closed compartment safeguards up to three ID cards or six business cards. The rigid plastic of this heavy-duty model is available in seven colors and prevents cards from breaking or bending. And whether you prefer to keep your ID in your pocket or attached to one of our many styles of lanyards, it holds any ID safely and securely.

2-Sided Rigid Vertical Multi-Card Holder (1840-308X)

We wouldn’t be where we are today without the dedication of the American laborforce. Visit the Specialist ID website to purchase one of these great products today!

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