Best Badge Reels for Waitressing

Depending on where you are in the food industry, your restaurant might have more flexibility than others when it comes to showing some flare off to your patrons, at least as far as your waiters and waitresses are concerned.

Needing the Simple Things

The Key: Your waiters and waitress have the responsibility of handling money on a daily basis. That means that theyre always using the register. While some cash registers require a code to access it, oftentimes a key of some sort is needed. It could be an actual metal key or a swiping card. At any rate, its an important key that needs to be easily accessible but also tightly secured.

The Pen: You might also have seasoned waiters and waitresses who can take an order down by memory, and then you have those who dont. In such cases like this, the old-fashioned writing pen has never been so crucial to the food industry. Lets face it, if the waiter or waitress doesnt get the customers food order right, chances are they wont be coming backand thats bad, really bad for business.

Making sure that your waiters and waitresses are equipped with the simplest, yet important tools are important. So lets review: What can you provide your waiters and waitresses that will help them secure their key and pen while providing some flare?

Badge Reels

A badge reel is one of those instruments that you wouldnt necessarily give a second thought to purchasing unless you absolutely need it. Waiters and waitresses certainly need such a tool.

Badge reels are perfect for keeping any type of key and/or small tool accessible for convenient use. What makes them such a useful tool for waiters and waitresses is the retractable cord that extends out to arm length from the body. With badge reels, your waiters and waitresses clothes or uniforms dont have to have pockets. They dont have to worry about staining their uniforms with leaky ink pens either. A badge reel can snap securely onto most ink pens while attaching snugly to the person.

Where to Purchase Badge Reels?

Specialist ID, a badge holder and accessory distributor in Miami, Florida offers a variety of badge holders in different colors and styles to fit your restaurants image. You can show that your eatery cares with heart-shaped ribbon awareness badge reels or have some fun and be playful with a plain heart-shaped badge reel. If you need something a little more durable that can hold 8-15 keys or small tools, then the Key-Bak Super Duty Badge Reels are certainly an option. However those are only offered in black.

Branding Your Restaurant

Whether youre managing a diner, fast-food restaurant, or a high-end grill, decorate your waiters and waitresses with a custom-designed badge reel from Specialist ID. With us, you get to choose exactly what kind of badge reel you want right down to the color. You can even upload your own logo on our website. With specialized orders, a minimum order of 100 badge reels are required and start as low as 81 cents per unit depending on how many you purchase.

View a list of Specialist IDs customizable badge reels here.

Place your order online with us today or call us toll free at 1-800-380-6726.

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