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Our Favorite Pink Products for Businesses on Mean Girls’ Day

"Fetch" your favorite pink accessories because it's that time of the year again…Mean Girls Day! We're here to help you turn your office into a pink paradise this October. We all know that Mean Girls Day isn’t just any date on the calendar, it's a pop culture celebration that should be used to have some fun in the workplace.

Get Your Pink ID Products Ready for Mean Girls’ Day

At Specialist ID, we've got just the products to make your Mean Girls Day celebration at the office totally “grool.” From fun pink badge reels to vibrant lanyards and custom-printed badges, we've curated a collection of pink ID products that are not only stylish but convenient. Work doesn't have to be all business, so let’s add a little fun and personality into the workplace. Celebrate this month in style with our pink-tastic ID accessories. Here are some of our favorites:

Pink Badge Reel

Our pink badge reel is the perfect accessory to help your employees celebrate this month like true Mean Girls fans. This vibrant, eye-catching badge reel not only holds their essential work IDs but also adds a pop of pink to their daily routine. With its easy-to-use belt clip, it's both stylish and functional, ready to use at all times, and easily accessible. This badge reel is ideal for businesses as both a morale booster and a conversation starter between employees as they come together to celebrate their shared love for Mean Girls. Make a memorable month for your team and sprinkle some Mean Girls magic in your office every Wednesday this October. Order now!

Pink Breakaway Lanyard

It's time to pinkify your workplace and celebrate Mean Girls Day in style! Let your employees embrace their inner Regina George with our pink breakaway lanyard, an accessory that's not only stylish but functional. This vibrant pink lanyard is the perfect way to add some fun to their daily work routine, making it the coolest Mean Girls Day celebration your team has ever seen. This lanyard is a must-have for businesses seeking to create a fun and engaging work environment. With its no-twist hook, it ensures that your IDs stay put and easily accessible. Encourage your employees to break it out every Wednesday this month in honor of your Mean Girls celebration! With our lanyard, your office will be the pinkest of them all—get yours today!

Pink Badge Bottom

Get ready to make your workplace extra pink every Wednesday this October with our pink badge bottom! These are not just ID badges; they’re a fashion statement. This stylish pink badge is the ultimate way to help your employees celebrate Mean Girls in style. Your employees can channel their inner Plastics with this customized horizontal badge. This product is ideal for businesses looking to let their team show off their pink pride in a unique and stylish way. Add a custom design, company logo, or even a hilarious Mean Girls reference, to make this badge special for each employee and make work more enjoyable for everyone. Who says work can't be both professional and fun? Don’t wait—order today!

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