8 Can’t Miss Products for This School Year

8 Can’t Miss Products for This School Year

It's that time of year again. Can you feel the excitement in the air? The upcoming school year is just around the corner, and your friends here at Specialist ID are ready to help you make it your best one yet with our incredible lineup of student ID products for school. We’ve got everything from lanyards to hall pass solutions and backpack ID tags to make your school buzz with anticipation, organization, and efficiency.

Best ID Products for the New School Year

Get ready for a school year packed with as much excitement and style as safety and ease. Here are some of our favorite products:

Neon Breakaway Lanyard

It's time to level up your school’s style while prioritizing safety with our neon breakaway lanyard! Our lanyards are not your average accessories—they're a bold statement that provides top-class safety and organization for your students. Students and staff can sport these eye-catching neon lanyards around campus and conveniently attach their school IDs and other necessary credentials. But that's not all! Safety is our priority, which is why each lanyard comes with a smart breakaway safety clasp. No more worries about accidental snags causing harm to your students. Don’t settle for dull and ordinary ID solutions when you can give your students the best with a Specialist ID lanyard. Gear up for the best school year yet— one that's bright, safe, and undeniably cool—order your neon lanyards today!

School Hall Passes

Are you ready to revolutionize your hall pass system? Try our game-changing school hall passes! Say goodbye to flimsy paper passes that barely last a week and embrace durability and style hand in hand. These lanyards come with heavy-duty and water-resistant passes that can survive whatever your students need. No more constant replacement passes, classroom interruptions, or inconsistencies—just a smooth hall monitoring system and safe students. With a variety of vibrant colors, these lanyards are bold and eye-catching to double up as functional security tools. These aren’t just hall passes, they're a symbol of efficiency and innovation. Elevate your school's hall pass experience and keep your students and staff safe. Grab them now and get ready for the best school year yet!

Backpack ID Tags

While you’re gearing up for an amazing new school year, you need to stock up on our backpack ID tags! These nifty tags are perfect for keeping your students’ backpacks, lunchboxes, and other belongings identifiable around campus with their bold colors and clear identifying information. No more mix-ups or lost items with these tags. Our sturdy loops ensure that they stay put no matter what your students have in store. Practicality meets personality when you customize each tag with names, class mascots, or motivational quotes. Don't let the chaos of the school year get the best of you. Order these backpack ID tags today and your student will be on their way to a smooth and organized year ahead!

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