best ID solution for hotels on World Tourism Day

The Best ID Solutions for Hotels on World Tourism Day

Calling all hotels! As World Tourism Day approaches, we’re sure you’re gearing up for a busy week for your business. Here at Specialist ID, we've got a lineup of the top ID products that'll not only dazzle your guests but also boost your hotel's reputation for exceptional service. Nothing is worse than your guests forgetting a travel essential. But with our products, your guests can embark on their adventures with style and security, thanks to the ID products you'll offer. 

ID Products as Travel Essentials

From waterproof badge holders to heavy-duty RFID-blocking sleeves, we've got everything your guests need to make the most of their trip. Get ready for the best World Tourism Day your hotel has ever had. Here are some of our favorite products:

Semi-Rigid Luggage Tags

Celebrate World Tourism Day with a touch of style and convenience at your hotel with our semi-rigid luggage tags. This is the perfect accessory for your guests to keep their belongings safe and sound throughout their vacation. This sleek and durable tag holder not only showcases your hotel's commitment to exceptional service but also provides a practical solution for travelers looking to keep their luggage organized and identifiable. Its transparent design ensures that important information is easily accessible, while the included loop lets guests attach their tags hassle-free. They can even be customized to showcase your hotel’s logo, slogan, or any other design. Elevate your guests' experience and make World Tourism Day truly special by offering this unique amenity to your guests. Order now!

Waterproof ID Badge Holder

Elevate your guests' World Tourism Day experience with a splash of convenience with our waterproof ID badge holder. This product is the ultimate travel companion for your hotel guests. This accessory not only keeps their IDs and important documents dry and secure but also serves as a fun reminder of their stay at your hotel. Whether your guests are planning a beach day, a hiking adventure, or simply want to enjoy a worry-free city tour, this ID holder is a game-changer. Its waterproof design ensures that their valuables remain safe from unexpected splashes and rain showers, while the transparent case allows them to display their ID badges with ease. They can embark on their World Tourism Day adventures with peace of mind, knowing that their essentials are well-protected. Make their stay unforgettable by offering this unique and practical keepsake, and let them carry a piece of your hospitality wherever they go. Get yours today!

RFID-Blocking Sleeve

Elevate your guests' World Tourism Day experience with a touch of security and style when you offer them our RFID-blocking sleeve. This is the perfect travel accessory to protect your guests' credit cards, smart identity cards, and important information from sneaky identity scanner theft while they explore. These sleek, compact sleeves not only shield their valuable information from potential hackers but also showcase your hotel's commitment to their safety and peace of mind. Your guests will be relieved to have these protective sleeves, adding an extra layer of security to their adventures. Make World Tourism Day truly special by offering this unique amenity, and let your guests enjoy their journey with confidence. Don’t wait—order today!

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