3 Surprising Ways You Can Boost Your Emotional Health With An ID Badge

3 Surprising Ways You Can Boost Your Emotional Health With An ID Badge

There’s been a lot of work achieved over the years to reduce the stigma surrounding mental health. Though COVID-19 has had a profound impact on emotional well-being, discussions around mental health have increased, and many are reaching out for help.

While help may look different for everyone, we know sometimes the little things in life give us a new perspective and open our minds to living in a more enjoyable and carefree way. To assist in emotional well-being, we’ve come up with a few creative ideas to enable your ID and badge holders to enhance your work skills and encourage your emotional health wellness.


It’s surprising to learn that adding custom printed photo ID badges to your workplace arsenal can improve mental health when incorporated in creative ways. By leading an arts and crafts section at your office or in the comfort of your home, transforming these blank badges into small art projects can take the edge off your stress-filled days at work. You can even add in a fun badge reel to make it more personal. While these are work-related products, turning these badges into fun art projects and team-building activities can encourage difficult mental health discussions. Sometimes being reminded how important it is to connect with your inner child is what you need to take the stress level down a notch. 




Places of employment may provide visitor badges to many individuals walking in throughout the day. There is a way of emotionally connecting with visitors without saying a word. While delivering a smooth visitor experience is already important, perhaps adding a personal touch to the visitor badges could help visitors in a way they didn't know they needed. You can even add in a lanyard to leave a lasting impression. Achieving this act is done through something as simple as coming up with positive affirmations and inserting that text onto the existing visitor badges. This small detail is powerful enough to transform someone's day and help improve your engagement skills with visitors.




Sparking a connection with visitors from your community is sometimes challenging; through non expiring printable adhesive badges, you can sit back and let the badges speak for themselves. Each month comes with a National day/month that celebrates an important cause; engaging in supporting these causes can be done by displaying the cause and facts about it on the badges of the month being observed. You can encourage conversation around spreading awareness, essentially allowing people to feel they are making a difference as you make a difference in their day. 




It's safe to say that these ways of encouraging mental health awareness are worth implementing. We are always finding ways to think outside the box regarding not only productivity but how our products can improve your overall lifestyle, in this case, mental health. Head on over to Specialist ID to see more items that can make a difference.

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