Buying Luggage Tag Holders Online for the Holiday Travel Season

The holiday season toward the end of the year is the busiest time for transportation companies, whether its the airline, bus, or train. Everyone is either using the holiday season to take advantage of their vacation days to visit loved ones or taking care of end-of-the-year business. Either way, unless you're flying a private line, you're going to find yourself immersed in a herd of travelers and if you're lucky, your luggage will follow!

Its the Holiday Season! Think of Others!

 One surefire way to ensure that you're not one of the unlucky travelers who lost their luggage is to make sure that luggage is properly tagged. But why just think of yourself? If you're operating a business, take this opportunity to use the need for luggage tags to your advantage.

Did you know with a little creativity, you can brand luggage tags with your company's logo?

 Think about it. Suitcases travel all over the country, even the world. Your luggage is being handled frequently whether its getting transported through commutes or when people are fishing for their luggage at the airport. People read luggage tags!

Talk about free advertising at a discount price!

Advertise Where You Can, However You Can

TIP: Whether you employ 5 people, or 500, gift them with colorful luggage tag options that Specialist ID has to offer. Before you send the gift, purchase postal labels and print our your logo on it, then stick it on the back of your luggage tags!

Specialist ID provides 3 different kinds of luggage tags in various colors:

1. Semi-Rigid Vinyl Luggage Tag Holder with Loop (1845-200X)

These rectangular shaped luggage tags will be your least expensive option starting at the price of 74 cents per unit. Its rigid enough to withstand the harsh handling that luggage often goes through, yet has enough flexibility to bend in such situations.

This particular model comes in 6 colors: black, white, green, red, blue, and yellow.

Its designed with a slot hole for a 6 clear worm loop to fit securely to your luggage. On one side is has a transparent side so that you and enter your contact information on the provided piece of paper, or simply slide your business card in for additional advertisement.

2. Rigid Plastic Luggage Tag Holder with 6" loop (P/N 1840-620X)

These rigid tag holders have a rectangular shape with a beveled edge near the slot. Coming in a few cents higher at 77 cents per unit, these luggage tag holders will not bend like the more flexible ones. The colors offered in this line are a denser version of the semi-rigid tags. If you're looking for something a little stronger, choose this P/N 1840-620X version.

View a video demonstration of this line of luggage tags here:

3. Neon Rigid Plastic Luggage Tag Holder and Loop 1840-621X

For a more fun and brighter way to easily see your luggage, choose from the neon collection. These luggage tag holders have a more rounded and softer edge to it with colors available in neon blue, neon green, neon orange, neon pink, and neon purple. But don't let the color fool you. These tags are as durable as they come starting at $1.45 a unit.

Ask our customer service what kinds of discounts are available to you today. Contact Specialist ID online or call us toll-free at 1-800-380-6726.

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