Classic Secure Badge Holder

Classic Secure Badge Holder

Who says badge holders can't be stylish? This secure badge holder classic certainly is stylish and easy to use, yet not too easy to be read by others without our permission!

Unfortunately, there are hackers in the world who are capable of stealing personal information and contacts from RFID and smart cards without your awareness. The ups and downs of new technology to simplify our business transactions with speed and electronic files. The same as the hackers find ways to take advantage of a good system, we also have our ways to protect our latest techno-gadgets to minimize theft and simplify our many daily routines.

Identity Stronghold designs specific badge holders and wallets to safeguard our RFID information. This particular classic secure badge holder has a squeeze to read technology to allow for one smart card inserted to be read when the badge holder is squeezed open. Conveniently, this can be done with one hand. When the badge holder reader is in its normal position of being closed, the card is unreadable and shielded from unauthorized scanning.

Made from a durable polycarbonate plastic and stainless steel springs, these badge holders are reliable and ideal for saltwater environments. There are many cool translucent color options available. Slips on to your lanyard or badge reel. The classic is for one smart card. Check out our Secure Badge Holder Duolite for holding up to (2) two smart cards.

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