Color Coded Badge Holders for Government Employees

Color Coded Badge Holders for Government Employees

We all know how chaotic the workplace can get for those who work in government agencies. Identifying employees can be troublesome, especially in larger organizations that have 100 sometimes 500 employees. How can you keep up with this many people and remember their positions? Color coded badge holders! Imagine you're at a staff meeting and you had no idea what department each person works in. If there's no proper system in place, you could find yourself and colleagues frustrated and confused.   

Color-coded badge holders can help solve this. Its a simple and effective way for better organization and workflow. Not only will the office run a lot smoother but employees will feel great in a cool color-coded badge!

 5 Benefits of Government ID Badges

 Government ID badges can have several benefits, including:

1. Identification

ID badges serve as a way to identify government employees and contractors, which can be helpful in secure facilities or when interacting with the public.

2. Security

ID badges can help to secure government buildings and facilities by allowing only authorized personnel to enter.

3. Professionalism

ID badges can give government employees and contractors a professional appearance and help to establish credibility.

4. Access

ID badges may allow government employees and contractors access to restricted areas or resources, such as secure documents or equipment.

5. Tracking

ID badges can be used to track the movements and activities of government employees and contractors within a facility or system.

Overall, government ID badges can help to promote efficiency, security, and professionalism within the government workplace.

Importance of Color Coded Badge Holders 

Colored coded badge holders are often used in government agencies and other organizations as a way to identify and differentiate employees or contractors based on their level of access or clearance. The specific colors and their meanings can vary depending on the organization, but they are often used to distinguish between different levels of security clearance, job function, or rank. For example, a badge holder with a green color may indicate that the wearer has a certain level of security clearance, while a red badge holder may indicate that the wearer is a high-ranking official or has a particular job function. In some cases, colored coded badge holders may also be used to identify contractors or temporary workers who do not have the same level of access as regular employees.

Colored badge holders and their different features

1. Horizontal Color Coded Vinyl Badge Holder

The horizontal color-coded badge holder, part number 1820-100X displays an ID badge for easy identification. Wear it around your neck with your favorite lanyard, or attach it to your belt with our badge reels. With no minimum order, you could have your very own horizontal color-coded badge holder for just $0.39!



2. Vertical Vinyl Color-Frame Badge Holder

The vertical color frame vinyl badge holder is similar to the horizontal color-coded badge holder, except it vertically displays standard credit card sized ID, security pass business card, or any other credential. The top comes in a radiant colored border, and two holes to attach a lanyard or badge reel. Priced at $0.46 each, there's no minimum order, so you could get one for yourself or colleague.



3. Government Size Vinyl Color-Bar Badge Holder with Lanyard

The government size vinyl color-coded lanyard, part number 1860-280X comes with an adjustable colored lanyard to match. The clear vinyl securely keeps an ID in place and safe from any weather conditions, scratches, dirt, and debris. Although these color-coded badge holders do have a minimum order of 100, the wholesale prices are worth the purchase! Save up to 34% on bulk orders. Buying in bulk means that the more you buy, the bigger the saving. This is a great option for larger government agencies. There's also free shipping on orders that are $50 or more.



Specialist ID carries color-coded badges for any government employee who wants to add a little personality to their professional clothing. Our badges come in vibrant colors such as yellow, red, orange green and more! These color-coded badge holders are perfect for quickly identifying the role, position, or status of staff.

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