Colorful Lanyards to Get Your Class in the Holiday Spirit

Colorful Lanyards to Get Your Class in the Holiday Spirit

For teachers and students alike, the holidays are an amazing time in the classroom; everyone’s energy is merry and bright between school-sanctioned parties and the long break quickly approaching. With Christmas, Hanukkah, and Kwanzaa commencing within the next week, now is the best time to get yourself and your students into the holiday spirit. It is important to merge the different cultures and traditions of all your students and pay each one an equal amount of attention. With a little help from your friends here at Specialist ID, you can find the products you need to make this year’s celebration a step above the rest. 

Here are some of our favorite products:

1. Face Mask Lanyard

For those of you who celebrate Christmas, this Face Mask Lanyard is for you. Available in both red and green, this product is the perfect addition to your classroom this holiday season. Because of the recent pandemic, the transmission of germs is a bigger concern than ever before. Trying to ensure both you and your students remain healthy and happy for the holidays and don’t spread any germs to one another (or their families at home) is very important at this time of the year. It is essential to ensure everyone wears masks and maintains a safe distance from each other, even during parties and school events.

Grab a few of these lanyards to make masking more fun and festive this holiday. This product will keep your students engaged in the festivities and having fun while helping them keep their masks handy for repeated use. Increasing safety doesn’t mean you have to ruin the fun; with this product, you can keep their energy high and germ transmission low.




2. Badge Reel with Belt Clip

This Badge Reel with Belt Clip is perfect for Kwanzaa. This badge reel is top of the line; the belt clip easily clips to any of their clothing or backpacks, and the heavy-duty retractable cord is designed to withstand repeated use. Your students will love it because it is available in all the traditional colors: red, green, and black. Try incorporating it into your classroom holiday celebrations this year.



3. Flat-Braid Woven Lanyard

If you are looking for a product that offers more color options than red and green, try our Flat-Braid Woven Lanyard. This product is available in 12 distinct colors, including white and shades of blue, for those who celebrate Hanukkah. It features a non-breakaway design for durability and an attached heavy-duty bulldog clip to secure any of your slot-punched identification tags. The flat-braid design is a soft and sturdy alternative to traditional lanyards and provides a comfortable yet sleek appearance. 

Grab some to kick off your Hanukkah festivities this year! Try using them as nametags, hall passes, or even in a fun game at a party for your students. They are the best product for nearly any task due to their versatility and design. Buy some today and let your imagination run wild!



If you are looking for more products to help you and your students get into the holiday spirit, head to Specialist ID for our other lanyards, as well as our badge reels, ID holders, and badge buddies.

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