Conference Badges Holders: 3 Most Popular Choices

Today security in the workplace and other professional environments is becoming more of a priority. With recent tragic incidents all over the country, everyone is being particularly mindful of large-scale events where hundreds, if not thousands of people will be gathered in one place and anyone can potentially come and go as they wish, blending into the crowds.

When it comes time to host your next conference or convention, it is important that you provide all participants, vendors, staff, and guests with easily identifiable credentials and an easy and simple method of carrying them around during the event. No matter if it is a small event with a couple of hundred participants or full-scale conventions with a thousand or more attendees, organizers and others need to be able to easily identify everyone at all times. This is where badge holders can come in handy.

Let’s take a look at three of the most popular choices for these products.

Clear Vinyl Badge Holder

Conference Badge Holders: 3 Most Popular Choices

The most popular type of badge holder for conferences today is without a doubt the armband badge holder. Our Vertical Armband ID Badge Holders with Hook And Loop Closure (ABH-V) is a great way to let your staff and participants easily display their badge at all times, but also keep it out of the way and hassle-free. It is also available in a horizontal version if you prefer. The clear Vinyl holder features an easily adjustable hook and loop closure strap that keeps the badge holder around the upper part of the arm comfortably and securely.

Government Vertical Arm Band Vinyl Badge Holder

Conference Badges Holders: 3 Most Popular Choices

If you are hosting a banquet it is essential that every staff member wears a badge holder identifying their name with a photo ID. This is the only way to guarantee the safety of your guests and avoid any infiltrates into the function.

Your waiters and waitresses can wear this arm badge holder and have the flexibility to continue on with their tasks without having to worry about a lanyard with their id card get in the way of serving your guests.

This government ID badge holder, however, is not limited to people in the hosting workforce. It is also suitable for those working in warehouses, operating heavy machinery, airport agents and basically anyone who needs flexibility while working.

Color-Coded Vinyl Badge Holder

Conference Badges Holders: 3 Most Popular Choices

If your event has a large staff with a lot of different complex areas then you should consider using color-coordinated badge holders to easily identify who has access to what areas, and what responsibilities are expected of each group. Our Vertical Vinyl Color-Frame Badge Holder (P/N 1820-300x) is a great way to do this. This holder is also available in a horizontal format.

The holes at the top make it easy to attach this holder to every type of lanyard, large clip, or retractor cord. The bright colors are easily recognizable even from a distance while the clear vinyl pouch makes it easy to see the credentials inside.

The benefit of this color-coded vinyl badge holder is that as a project manager you will be able to identify who is authorized on which premises. This way if there is an infiltrated individual who has the potential of causing any sort of harm you can quickly escort them out because they will not have the appropriate badge that visually represents that they have accessibility.

Another feasible option is the Clear Vinyl Horizontal Badge Holder With Clip and Chain Holes. You can place the event badge inside and it will be protected from liquid damage, dust, and grease. Have the members of your staff wear the clip on their shirt pocket to be able to quickly identify them and give them access.

With these types of tag holders, we recommend implementing a QR code onto the ID card and have your employees scan their cards before entering on the premises, this way you avoid con artists entering your event and passing off as a member of your function.

Go With The Classic Secure Badge Holder

Conference Badges Holders: 3 Most Popular Choices

If you need special credential management for senior team members then why not provide them with our Identity Stronghold IDSH1004-001B-002 Secure Badge Holder Classic? Available in several colors, this badge holder is rigid, easy to wear, and tough as nails. It is also compatible with all of our lanyards, reels, and lapel clips. It is especially popular paired with our reel strap lanyard.

The benefits of this Stronghold Secure Badge Holder is that your ID card will not slip out of your badge holder if it falls. Ideal for trade shows and more environmentally friendly than plastic name tags which tend to be disposable after one use. Reusable badge holders with a laminated ID card if the way to go if you want to look professional and considerate of the environment.

Make sure you also check out our great badge accessories for use with your conference badges such as our badge buddies that are available in tech, vendor, coordinator, student, delivery, and even a blank one that is perfect for recognizing staff positions. We even offer the option of custom-printed badge buddies in a rainbow of colors for your specific needs.

Keep Your Events Secure With Specialist ID

As always the beauty of Specialist ID is that most of our high-quality products are available with no minimum order so you can order as few as you like. Also, we keep massive amounts of badge IDs in stock.

By providing your staff members with ID cards, clear badge holders and lanyards you are also guaranteeing the safety and security of the guests or visitors of your event and business. You will be able to quickly identify who belongs and who needs to be escorted by security in order to not jeopardize the success of your function.

If you have any questions about any of our badge holders or other products, contact us using our online form, our customer service representatives will assist you with anything.

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