Custom Badge Buddies: Color-coded for Easy Identification

It happens every day in hospitals across the country. A janitor is approached about a patients x-rays or a doctor is asked if a fax went through. While these mix-ups are ripe for a laugh, Specialist ID brings a colorful solution to the table. We offer custom badge buddies that are color-coded for easy identification of roles in clinical health care settings. Let us introduce you to our color-coded badge buddies for your hospital or medical care facility.

Everyone from doctors to administration loves these colorful badge buddies. Identifying someone from a distance is much easier than wondering who they are and if they are the right person to help you, especially when your attention is divided over patients and charts. Easy recognition from afar will save time and increase productivity.

>> Speak to someone at SpecialistID directly, at 800-380-6726 or write to us online. We have dozens and dozens of products for hospital and clinical setting identification badges.

With our badge buddies, you will not need to go to the trouble of redesigning your staff ID badges. The ID card additions are color-coded cards that fit behind most standard-size ID sleeves. The ingenious feature behind these cards is the extra length. Extending beyond the actual ID, these cards carry the department title of the person wearing it.

In a teaching hospital, there is a large turnover of people in all departments. When you are constantly awash in a sea of new faces, our student badge buddies make it simple to identify your students at a glance. With our competitive pricing, you can stock up on several of these buddies to keep at the nurse's station.

Hospitals have multiple people in and out every day from vendors to couriers. Most of these deliveries are private and/or critical and must be taken directly to a specific department. Time left sitting in a mailroom is not an option when it comes to peoples health.

Prevent delays in the delivery of urgent documents or other sensitive packages by stocking a supply of color-coded delivery cards.

Whether your ID badges are horizontal or vertical, our color-coded badge buddies will work for you. Choose a color for each department or go with the blank buddy badge to create your own.

While we offer a wide array of professions, if you do not see the one you need, reach out to us and request a custom design.

When you shop with Specialist ID Inc., you can be assured of quality from the first contact to delivery. We protect your information with SSL encryption on our website. We have competitively-priced accessories and stand by it with our low price guarantee. We require no minimum order allowing you the freedom of purchasing one badge buddy for yourself or thousands for every department in your facility. Our pricing is incredibly low and discounts for larger orders are transparently displayed in a chart on each product page.

Contact us today and learn how your hospital or medical facility can become more efficient with custom badge buddies. We've got all the solutions!

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