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How to Use Custom Badge Buddies to Make Your Hospital Safer

Hospital emergency codes play a critical role in ensuring the safety and efficiency of healthcare facilities. These codes are standardized systems of communication that provide quick and effective responses during emergencies, ranging from medical crises to security threats. By understanding the meanings behind these codes, healthcare professionals can swiftly coordinate their actions, enhance patient care, and maintain a secure environment. 

Specialist ID offers custom badge buddies that can be personalized to fit your hospital's needs and coding systems. We have 20 color options, each with the ability to be customized however necessary. You can add a section at your front desk or highly frequented points in the hospital to display these cards during an active code situation. 

Five Ways to Customize Badge Buddies for Hospital Workers

Here are some of the most common hospital code colors, their meanings, and how we recommend you personalize your badge buddy to respond:

Code Red or Black

Like most institutions, a code red in a hospital typically means a fire somewhere on the property, while code black signifies a bomb threat. Select the red or black badge buddy and input “fire” or “bomb threat” as your desired text to indicate to everyone the nature of this emergency.

Code Pink and Purple

Codes pink and purple indicate a child or infant abduction, respectively. This will typically result in a hospital-wide shutdown, and using a card can help everyone become aware of the emergency. Select the pink or purple badge buddy shades and use the text to inform everyone of the age of the missing patient.

Code Green

Though a code green may sound as if all is well in a hospital, it often means an “all-hands-on-deck” emergency response is in place. This is typically used when a mass casualty event has occurred with many injured patients soon arriving en masse. Use the green badge buddy and customizable text to indicate this emergency to staff without alarming current patients and visitors.

Code Blue and White

Blue and white codes typically mean a patient is experiencing a serious, life-threatening medical event. In most hospitals, blue is used for adults, while white is for children. Differentiating these age groups from one another is important, especially since different equipment is required for different ages. You can select the blue or white badge buddies on our website and customize their text to feature the specific age group for clarity and safety.

Code Silver and Grey

Codes silver and grey typically mean that an aggressive person on the property is escalating and potentially may harm patients, staff, and family members. A code silver is a bit more extreme than a code grey, with its typical associations meaning an active shooter is present. You can use our badge buddies to signal these situations to the rest of the hospital, but as always, be sure to exercise caution and remain covered when possible.

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