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EK Lanyard Plus

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EK Lanyard Plus

Need a Lanyard that won't dangle your attached items while at work or play? The EK Lanyard Plus with Soft End and Fused Clip would be the right choice for you! Not only are you securely holding your ID badge, keys, mini-tools or misc. small items within reach and around your neck lanyard, but you are able to securely attach the lanyard from a fused clip to your shirt or tie as well for a snug fit.

Made from a 100% nylon, this useful breakaway lanyard has a detachable soft end with fused clip arrangement for the convenience of detaching your items as needed to use, such as a key or flashlight. Items may simply be reattached with a simple click into its holder. Ideal for the outdoors as well as the office. The soft loop can loop through any slot punched photo ID or Badge Holder, your key ring, small tools or miscellaneous items. The fused clip can secure these items from dangling and possibly becoming a hazard from machinery or outdoor elements to clothing items OR used for another slot punched ID card.

The possibilities with this EK Lanyard Plus combo are unlimited but the end result is a success! Carry on with your activities and be hands-free.