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Our Favorite Products for Nurses

Calling all nursing heroes! Are you tired of your hospital ID accessories being as dull as a Monday morning shift? We’ve got the prescription to give your ID an upgrade! At Specialist ID, we have curated a collection of products designed specifically for healthcare workers to make their shifts easier and more stylish. With everything from badge reels and buddies to ID tags and more, you’re sure to find what you’re looking for.

Let's explore the wonderful world of Specialist ID products tailor-made for you: our healthcare heroes! Here are some of our favorites:

RN Badge Buddy

If your nurses are looking to upgrade their existing IDs, you can’t go wrong with our RN badge buddy! This product is a must-have accessory for any nurse, adding a pop of fun to any badge while keeping patients and families informed. They are specially made for registered nurses, featuring “RN” printed in large lettering on the front of the badge with customizable backgrounds. These badge buddies easily attach to any existing identification and provide additional role clarity, making life a breeze on the busy hospital floor. Sturdy and reliable, this product is built to withstand all the twists and turns of nursing life. Clip it on, show off those credentials, and let your nursing team shine bright like the stars they are!

Translucent Badge Reel

Are your nurses tired of their flimsy and boring badge holders? Say hello to our translucent badge reel—the coolest companion for your hospital's star nurses! This product is not just a badge holder, it's a statement piece. With its vibrant colors and sleek design, your nurses will proudly display their credentials while keeping them secured and within reach at all times. The durable, high-quality material can withstand the hustle and bustle of the busiest shifts. Plus, they’re super easy to attach and are compatible with all uniforms, and do not need to be removed for use, snapping right back into place with their retractable cord. Give your nurses the upgrade they deserve, and let their personalities shine with these snazzy badge reels! 

Stethoscope ID Tag

Looking for the ultimate upgrade for your nurses’ uniforms? Meet their new partner in crime: our stethoscope ID tag! Keeping your stethoscope safe and stylish has never been more exciting. This funky tag adds a pop of personality to their uniform and packs a powerful punch with its antimicrobial material, keeping germs at bay. Made from top-notch materials, this tag is as durable as it is functional. Plus, it's a breeze to attach, so you can focus on what you do best— caring for your patients. As a bonus, it also allows for repeated customization; just write your preferred message on the front—your name, role, or even just a fun doodle—and head on your way! Dress up your stethoscope with the coolest, germ-busting tag in town—get yours today!

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