4 Fun Lanyards Every Student Needs

4 Fun Lanyards Every Student Needs

Keep students, teachers, visitors, and administrative staff organized by offering lanyards to hold and carry important badges. Security and organization are top priorities for schools, universities, and educational institutions, and lanyards are flexible, cost-effective resources to help schools stay organized. Specialist ID offers a variety of lanyards to fit your needs, whether you’d like to make sure that school visitors are easy to identify as they roam the school or if you’d like to provide fun, colorful lanyard options for your students. 

Lanyards are easy to wear, lightweight, flexible, and affordable. Schools, universities, and educational organizations can use lanyards to identify different groups, promote school spirit, and help students stay organized. Take a look at our selection of lanyards to spruce up your school’s organizational system and add a little fun to managing badges.

1. Try neon flat breakaway lanyards for a pop of color.

Nothing catches the eye quite like neon, and our Neon Flat Breakaway Lanyards come in six colors. These lanyards are perfect for color-coordinating specific roles—assign a color for a particular grade, classroom, or responsibility—so that you can identify someone from far away. Students will love the vibrant colors, and the comfortable, soft, ribbed polyester is easy to wear on top of uniforms and clothes. Students don’t have to worry about scratchy materials bugging them throughout the day. Our ID lanyards are comfortable and lightweight. For younger students, who tend to be more active, the breakaway lanyard element ensures safety. If the lanyard gets caught or tangled during wear, it easily breaks apart for safety. Order lanyards individually or in larger sets to make sure that every one of your students can stay organized in style.



2. Go pattern crazy with our polka dot lanyards.

Give your students the freedom to express their style while staying organized. Our Polka Dot Pattern Fashion Lanyards come in four stylish colors and add an element of fun to the school day. Our polka dot lanyards are made of a soft, smooth material that won’t itch, scratch, or catch on clothing, so there’s no temptation to remove the badge lanyard during the day. The lanyards have a breakaway latch to keep wearers safe and give teachers peace of mind. 


polka dot lanyard


3. Keep students safe and organized with a hall pass breakaway lanyard.

There’s nothing worse than forgetting (or losing) a hall pass while at school—it invites speculation and may even lead to a trip to the principal’s office. Help your students stay on-task, safe, and organized with our Hall Pass Breakaway Lanyards. Buy a set of lanyards to keep in your classroom and hand them out as needed. With the phrase “Hall Pass” emblazoned on the lanyard, other adults can easily see that your students have been approved to be out of the classroom. Choose from one of our six brightly colored hall pass breakaway lanyards. Coordinate with your school colors, buy a variety of colors, or pick a theme for your classroom and buy lanyards to match. Your students will appreciate the clearly marked hall passes, the comfortable design, and the breakaway feature that makes them easy to remove if they get caught or tangled.


hall pass lanyard



4. Stay organized in style with our rainbow breakaway lanyards.

Between their backpacks, binders, folders, and pockets, students can easily get disorganized. The last thing a student (or teacher) wants to deal with is a missing identification badge or pass. Keep your students organized with our stylish Rainbow ¾” Breakaway Lanyards. The striking rainbow stripes will set your students apart and coordinate with any colors they’re wearing that day. The rainbow design is easy to spot at the bottom of a backpack, hanging on a hook on the wall, or if it gets lost between the seats of the car. (It happens!) The breakaway-style ID holder lanyard is easy to untangle should it get wrapped around other items in a student’s backpack. Students can hold badge holders, passes, and other information easily in one space with the clasp and swivel hook. Your students will appreciate the comfortable material and design that makes it easy to wear every day.



rainbow lanyard




Looking for more school supplies for your students? Check out our full selection of lanyards, ID badge holders, and badge reels for students.

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