Get Out and Vote: 4 Products to Show Your Patriotic Spirit for the Election

Get Out and Vote: 4 Products to Show Your Patriotic Spirit for the Election

Election Day is just days away. For Americans 18 years and older across the country, who haven’t already mailed in a ballot or opted for early in-person voting, that means there’s still time to show your patriotic spirit as you gear up to do your civic duty. 

Now, as you might know, most polling places frown upon wearing electioneering gear — political party buttons, catch phrase hats, or clothing with a candidate’s face or other indication of allegiance to a particular person.

In fact, you could be asked to leave if you attempt to vote with any of this kind of gear. The reason is that polling sites are seen as sacred and should be free of any potential intimidation tactics, including a political shirt or hat. 

However, sporting the red, white, and blue is always in style, no matter if you’re at a backyard barbecue or at the polls. 

There are many ways to do this, be it with an American flag tie, “God Bless the USA” T-shirt, a stars and stripes headband, or a pair of flag sunglasses. 

But have you considered the opportunities to pledge your allegiance with a lanyard? Or wristband? Or badge reels? With many people required to wear work ID on them at all times, lanyard and their accessories have become a common. But they need not be drab. 

In fact, they can be an extension of your love of country. Here are just a few that can help you show your patriotic spirit.

American Flag Breakaway Lanyard with Swivel Hook

Rock your badge ID with a little shout out to the homeland with this American Flag Breakaway Lanyard with Swivel Hook. Designed to be comfortable and stylish, the band is made of silky wide fabric that rests gently on the neck. And no one will second guess the pattern. 

The flag motif is made up with the highest quality dye sub laminated process so the colors are vibrant and bold. In addition, this lanyard comes with a white breakaway clasp for easy removal so you can flash your ID without having to wrestle the necklace off your head.

Patriotic Heart Flag Badge Reel with Belt Clip

Prefer to wear your ID badge on your belt? Specialist ID has a patriotic solution for that too. This Patriotic Heart Flag Badge Reel comes with a belt clip so you can swiftly snap it on to any outfit. With a heart made up of half stars and half stripes, the message is clear: You love your country and aren’t afraid to show it.

Liberty Design 1/2" High Security Adjustable Closure Woven Wristbands

Like to wear your patriotism a bit more subtly? Show it off on a wristband. This liberty design red, white, and blue star-laced woven wristband is comfortable and adjustable so anyone can wear it. This is a great choice if children who can’t vote yet want to show off their American love with you at the polls.

USA Flag Breakaway 5/8" Lanyard with Lobster Hook

Should you be concerned that someone might confuse your enthusiasm for America with other red, white, and blue flags such as Luxembourg or Croatia, make it clear with a lanyard that screams “USA.” This one from Specialist ID does just that while also sporting an easy to load lobster hook as well as a safety breakaway clasp. Loud and proud, this lanyard is perfect for wearing in the days leading up to your vote.

With these Americana tools you’ll be ready to show your pride as you head out to vote. And, better yet, these tools can also help you bring all the documentation necessary to cast your ballot. Most polling places require a government-issued ID or voter registration card (check your state’s requirements at

Rather than misplacing these important documents in a coat or pants pocket, pack them in an ID badge holder attached to one of these reels or lanyards. 

Safe in the knowledge that the keys to your voice in this year’s election are safely stored, you can move through the voting process with ease. Plus, if you’re in a long line, you won’t have to keep your hands full holding these important documents. Instead, your hands will be free to hold, say, your phone to study the ballot issues up for vote. Or, if you’re already up to date on the issues at large, you’ll still have your hands free to entertain yourself reading a book or newspaper while you wait. 

Want even more great patriotic devices and tools? Specialist ID has you covered with all kinds of items built around an American theme. Family-owned and operated and based in Florida, Specialist ID is a leader in the badge ID industry and understands what patriotism is all about. Our line of USA-styled accessories feel as good as they look, so you can show your spirit in all kinds of ways.
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