3 Gifts to Give Your Gym Buddy

3 Gifts to Give Your Gym Buddy

Your gym buddy has always been by your side—through sweat, tears, and every last push-up. They’re the one who makes sure you’re hydrated, pushes you through that last set, and celebrates with you when you’ve hit a new PR. So, long story short, they probably deserve a gift.

But not just any gift. It should be something they can use in the gym besides another pair of leggings or running shoes. We always have your back when it comes to showing someone they are appreciated! Here are three ideal gifts to give your gym buddy.

1. Arm Band ID Badge Holders

An effective workout requires you to be hands-free, so you can pick up gym equipment and focus on your reps—not worried about where your stuff is. Our selection of armband badge holders is just what your gym buddy needs to guarantee their most important credentials are safe and sound. 

If your exercise facility requires verification, your membership card or other credentials can easily be seen through the armband’s clear vinyl window at all times. The adjustable straps are one size fits all that flex with arm movements so you can put in work without any discomfort. These badge holders were made to last and are perfect for whatever workout you have planned—intense H.I.I.T. or calm yoga.

For something extra special, try one of our Reflective Bright Orange Arm Badge Holders—this one includes glow-in-the-dark tabs. If your gym buddy likes to take nightly jogs or work outside, this heavy-duty badge holder adds an extra layer of visibility. It also holds multiple cards, so you can only carry the essentials without needing a bag!



2. Sided Vertical Multi-Card Holder

People who hit the gym regularly can tote around a lot of belongings. Help them clear up some of that clutter with a 2-Sided Vertical Multi-Card Holder. The open-face side of this multi-card holder can secure one ID card, while the other closed side holds up to three ID cards or six business cards. Perfect for keeping an ID visible while keeping other credentials hidden until needed. 

This card holder is a little more discreet than the armband badge holder if you don’t want your information on display. The rigid plastic will prevent any cards from bending or breaking, and it also comes with slot and chain holes that can fit any lanyard, badge reel, ID clip, or chain. Get this product in clear or in six bold colors!



3. Wrist Coil Key Chain

Another simple yet convenient and useful gift is a Wrist Coil Keychain with ID Strap Clip. This fun accessory gives you quick access to keys or ID cards to open your gym locker or swipe into a room. Its stretchy design is one size fits all–just wrap it around your wrist or ankle, and you're ready to go. This keychain is perfect for jogging, working out, or playing sports without pockets. You can get one to match your gym buddy too!

If you’re in a bind, they could also double as a hair tie—but you didn’t hear that from us.



Just because you feel the burn, your pockets don’t have to either. Gifts don’t have to be over the top, just meaningful gestures that tell them you were thinking about them. 

Find more products from cardholders to lanyards on our website. Happy gift-giving!
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