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3 Gifts To Give Medical Professionals During Breast Cancer Awareness Month

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Breast Cancer Awareness month gives people a chance to educate themselves and others about the disease and support those who have been affected. Pink is the recognized color for the cause and should be worn to show your advocacy and support. Although most professionals have to adhere to a dress code, there are still ways to sport pink for the cause. To make sure everyone can wear pink, here are three gifts to give medical professionals this month.

Pink MRI Safe Lanyard with Breakaway Clasp & "No Twist" Plastic Hook
A pink MRI Safe Breakaway Lanyard  "No Twist" Plastic Hook is a great way to support Breast Cancer Awareness month. Since this lanyard is metal-free, it is ideal for MRIs and Imaging rooms as well as passing through sensitive systems. This safety feature is a great option for MRI technicians and hospital staff because they won’t have to worry about removing their credentials throughout the day.

The flat braid lanyard is comfortable enough to wear for long periods and won’t irritate the skin. It also has a safety breakaway feature that will come apart if the lanyard is snagged or pulled too hard. The “No-Twist” plastic hook guarantees your ID badge to be visible at all times.

Pink MRI Safe Lanyard with Breakaway Clasp & "No Twist" Plastic Hook (2137-474X) 2137-4753

Heart Shaped Ribbon "Awareness" Badge Reel
The Heart Shaped Ribbon "Awareness" Badge Reel is an on-theme accessory to add to your uniform this month. Each year, around 255,000 women and 2,650 men get breast cancer in the United States. This pink badge reel will bring awareness to a great cause while nurses and doctors care for their patients.

The reinforced vinyl strap will hold any slot-punched ID card or badge holder, keys, badge buddies, security pass, or any other credential you will need during your rounds. You can attach it to scrubs, belt loops, pockets, or wherever it is most convenient. Wear this reel in honor of the people and families who have been affected by breast cancer.

Pink Heart Shaped Ribbon "Awareness" Badge Reel with Swivel Spring Clip (P/N 2120-7630) 2120-7630

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Pink Antimicrobial Stethoscope ID Tag
Your favorite medical professional can sport the pink Antimicrobial Stethoscope ID Tag for Breast Cancer Awareness month. With 3 different diameter size indentations to choose from, this ID tag fits almost all stethoscopes ranging from standard to cardiology size. It’s also great for customizing with a bonus writable round space on the back. Flaunt your company logo, a creative design, or personalize with your name.

Hot Pink Antimicrobial Stethoscope ID Tag - Customizable Label & Adjustable Tube Size to Fit Most Stehs ST99-HOTPINK

Breast Cancer Awareness month is a time to support those who have been affected. Visit the Specialist ID website for more pink products and ways to show your support.

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