4 Gifts for a Teacher This International Day of Education

4 Gifts for a Teacher This International Day of Education

Happy International Day of Education to all teachers and students! As we approach the 24th, you are probably searching for the perfect gift to buy the teacher in your life to celebrate their achievements and hard work. That’s great! But, with all the products on the market, it can be overwhelming, and you might be left wondering where to start. Do teachers really need another coffee mug? 

Here at Specialist ID, we have the best products for teachers of any grade or subject matter. These are some of our top picks to gift for this year’s International Day of Education. Check them out: 

1. School Hall Pass Lanyards

Do you know a teacher still using old or handwritten hall passes in the classroom? Then they need these school hall pass lanyards! They are a wonderful way to streamline their classroom’s egress and track their students' location. Sold in a pack of six, this kit covers everything from trips to the bathroom, nurse visits, and even generic hall access. Each lanyard pass is water-resistant and shatterproof and comes attached to a coordinating breakaway lanyard of the same color. They are easy to clean and will maintain their shiny exterior over time due to their laminated design. These passes guarantee long-lasting organization for a classroom.





2. Anti-Bullying Wristband

Teachers must be role models of good behavior, kindness, and acceptance for their students. As bullying continues to be a problem in the school systems, it has never been more important to raise awareness about it and stand in resistance against it. Our anti-bullying wristband is a great option for teachers. It features a pre-printed statement reading, “Help stop bullying — Stand up and speak out.” This presents their students with a call to action and encourages them to join efforts against bullying in the classroom. With this product, teachers can rally the masses to stand up against this epidemic.


3. Neon Lanyards

If you know a teacher that loves to play games in the classroom, then there is no better product to gift than our neon lanyards. These are fantastic ways to bring fun into their classroom! Because of the wide variety of colors available, each teacher can customize their use daily, weekly, monthly, or yearly. Each student can select from the six colors and use them to carry masks, nametags, or locker keys. Each lanyard comes equipped with a 36-inch cord, so they’re versatile for all ages and include a breakaway clasp for added protection. This is the upgrade every classroom needs.



4. Translucent Badge Reel with Swivel Clip

If the teacher in your life is constantly on the move—teaching young students or working in athletics—they need our translucent badge reel with a swivel clip. This badge reel will keep their identification, keys, and other essentials secured to their clothing while on the go. Available in six different colors and compatible with any clothing, these badge reels are the perfect solution for the classroom. Even better, the 34-inch nylon cord allows for use without the need to remove their items. What’s better than that?



 Interested in learning more about our products? Head to Specialist ID to shop our other badge reels, lanyards, and badge buddies, as well as our curated education collection.

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