Handy Accessories For Your Next Trip

https://cdn.shopify.com/s/files/1/1260/4809/products/21308-2.jpeg?v=1556045195Packing for your next vacation can be a rather stressful event if you wait until the last minute to prepare, but planning ahead can be a lot of fun. With a little bit of research, thoughtfulness, and action, you can ensure a peace of mind before embarking upon your next journey. There's nothing better than reaching your destination and feeling fully prepared to handle whatever comes your way. That's why planning ahead and taking the necessary precautions beforehand can be all the difference in the world. I have made here a list of items that we carry at Specialist ID that I feel would be most beneficial to you and your loved ones for your next vacation.
We all know when you're waiting for your luggage at the airport how easy it is to mistake your bag for someone else's. That's why luggage tags are so useful. We have many different colored luggage tags that make it easy to identify your suitcase, handbag, book bag, or briefcase at the airport. They come with a slot at the top and a loop to fix around your luggage. In case your bag gets lost, the luggage tags provide enough room for you to write your name, address, telephone number, and email address, so people can return them to you. You can even slide in a business card or photo ID if you'd like. To read more about our luggage tags, visit our Luggage Tags Article for more information.


If safety and portability are of concern to you, we highly recommend our Witz Passport Lockers for international travelers. Between their crush resistant plastic and the waterproof shell, you cant find any other ID badges that'll protect your passport from physical or water damage as well as this Witz Passport Locker. Its large enough to hold 2 standard sized passports or up to 15 credit card sized ID cards.

Witz Cell Phone Lockers are made out of a rugged, waterproof crush resistant plastic makes it the best locker for storing electronic devices. They feature Witzs patented angle slant to absorb impact from the items if the phone locker is dropped. Great for trips near bodies of water because they even float. The Witz Phone Locker for iPhones is also a great fit for iPods and smaller electronics. The Witz Phone Locker II can fit larger Android phones and larger electronic items. Feel free to read more about our Witz Cell Phone Lockers to learn more about these wonderful products.

You never know when someones going to get hurt, and its better to be safe than sorry. Our Witz First Aid Kits are waterproof and crush resistant and come stacked with essentials for any minor emergency situations. The Witz Red Waterproof First Aid Kit is the largest of the two and comes fully loaded with accessories for. It can be safely stored in a bag or trunk and even float in the water. The see-through lid makes it easy to find the items stored inside. The Witz Translucent Red Waterproof First Aid Kit With Breakaway Lanyard & Carabiner comes with a lanyard as well as a carabiner, so you can keep attach it to your belt loop, bag, or keep it hanging around your neck on your torso with the safety breakaway lanyard that will snap apart if its snagged on something, and they can easily be put back together afterwards for additional use.

Youll want to bring a large container to store your basic essentials. The Witz Waterproof Utility Locker I Sports Case can float in water and features a crush resistant plastic that is a great place to store items such as: food, matches, lighters, firestarters, zip lock bags, garbage bags, dry storage box, extra batteries, cell phones and IDs, maps, compass, water purifier or water tablets, rope, duct tape, GPS, inflatable life jackets, sun block, chap stick, toilet paper, toiletry bag, bathing suits, sunglasses, hats, windbreaker, rain pants, undergarments, thermal wear, cooler, ice packs, cookware, dry food bars, binoculars, camera, fishing gear, snorkeling gear, books and cards.

Key-Bak Badge Reels are great resources for those handy items you want to keep by your side day in and day out. Simply attach them to your items and they can reel out to arm's length and retract back into themselves afterward. Id personally use mine for either a multi-purpose knife with tools, GPS, compass, tickets or Photo IDs, flashlight, and other handy tools that I can keep attached to my belt buckle with a carabiner for quick and easy access. Key-Bak Reels are some of the most rugged retractable reels in the industry and trusted by millions. Read more about our Key-Bak Badge Reel with a Carabiner.

Lanyards are really helpful for storing your keys and tickets. Just place one around your shoulders and they'll hang your items securely around the belly button area for most adults. But they're also great for adults and children who like to decorate their lanyards with pins and share stories while pin swapping. Later, these pin decorated lanyards can help you recollect your experiences with family and friends for years to come.

At Disney and other theme parks, zipper top holders are really helpful for holding your park passes, fast passes, hotel keys, and tickets. Just attach one of these to a lanyard or badge reel for those important items to be sealed and safely stored inside of your vinyl pouch with a zipper top. With all the water, dust, dirt, and grime between the water rides, carnivals, and food trucks; having a sealed vinyl badge holder can really help you enjoy your experience safely.

The great thing about these featured items is that they will not only be great for your next trip, but they're all made out of high-quality materials by the most trusted manufacturers in the industry. So they'll at your services for many other trips and years to come. Did I miss something? Would you like any more information about these products? Leave me a message below and Ill get back to you; or give us a call at 1-800-380-6726 and well be happy to assist.

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