Heavy Duty Badge Reels Great for Military Personnel

How many times a day does military personnel need a specific ID card at hand? The easy answer is innumerable, as we are sure you can attest. The one thing we do know is that it is often enough to make our heavy-duty badge reels the perfect choice for military personnel.

We understand that in the armed forces its a much bigger deal if you lose any keycard, old-fashion metal key, military ID or one of your essential tools, considering all of the security issues faced in overseas bases, especially. If you lose any of those it can:

  • leave your area vulnerable, not to mention;
  • spell receiving a not-fun stern warning from your superior
  • lead to changing out doorknobs, reprogramming locks and re-issuing ID cards

Avoid all that hassle and reprimand. And at our hard-to-beat pricing, theres no reason not to. If you purchase in bulk for your unit, we reduce the cost the more your purchase. Go ahead. See for yourself how low our pricing can get for these durable badge reels and lanyards. Contact us online or speak with someone directly at Specialist ID at 800-380-6726 to get our take on the most durable products for your military personnel.

Our heavy-duty badge reels are just as strong as your other equipment its meant to last. Lets look at some features that make these badge reels military-friendly.

This classic is one of our more popular styles of heavy-duty badge reels. The retractable nylon cord extends to a length of 24 inches. This reel has been tested to 10,000 pulls without fraying or tangling more durable than most badge reels!

This is tough little badge reel is the standard by which we judge our other badge reels, from here they our heavy-duty badge reels just get stronger. Its simply great when you must have one or two military ID cards or keycards handy at all times.

Note: all of these heavy-duty badge reels come with a sturdy, chrome back and belt clip, so you can hang it off your belt or pockets.

Our steel cable reels are very helpful if you need to carry heavier items or more than just a few military-issued ID cards. The steel cable is stronger than the nylon or polyester cords that come standard with most badge reels. If you need to have a small light or a key within easy reach, this is the badge reel of choice.


This model is the superstar of the heavy-duty line. With a stronger spring and a 16-inch chain, this reel can hold military ID cards, keys, small tools and most things you need to keep track of. Being a metal chain, it will withstand more than the nylon or polyester cords that you typically get with a badge reel. This has also been tested at a durable 10,000 pulls.

*Price for just one individual order. View the deep discounts for bulk orders, displayed right on each product page.

Our heavy duty badge reels look great on any military uniform from camouflage fatigues to dress blues. They are all designed with a sleek, black front for a low-profile look. All of the basic reels have a reinforced vinyl strap that holds your ID cards in place.

Specialist ID Inc. has just the badge reel for our armed forces. Combine this with a tough lanyard (which we also carry many styles of) and youve got all of your items in one place: keys, keycard, ID and even some of your tools all hanging around your neck so you dont have to think about it too much.

Here at Specialist ID, we are proud to offer these military quality badge reels. All of our items come with our low price guarantee. Contact us today to stock up.

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