Homeland Security Getting Tough on Lost Government ID Badges

The homeland security presidential directive 12 has set a strict policy for ID standards across federal employees and contractors. The goal of the directive is to increase efficiency and increase security, reduce identity fraud and protect personal privacy, among others. What does this mean for government contractors and employees?

Based on our conversations with people working in the Social Security offices, which were recently brought into this regulation (July 8th), if they lose their ID they have to call the FBI to wipe out their card access. They also may face stiff penalties for lost badges. Along with the new ID also comes a new way to log on to the government computers. We have seen this with the military CAC cards, where the person will leave their ID card in the smart chip reader while logged onto the system.

Different government entities are being migrated into this system at different times and Specialist ID has been working to help users of the new cards keep them securely displayed and accessible, preventing loss. Many employees have been happy to find our badge reel lanyard combo with locking mechanism. This lanyard allows the wearer to display the ID around her neck as expected, but also lets you retract the card an additional 36 inches to insert the card into the reader. When you are done at your station, it keeps you from forgetting your card. Just push the button on the lanyard and the cord retracts back into place.

If you have any questions about the best badge holders and options for your application, just leave us a comment below give us a call.

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