3 Ways To Honor Women During Women's History Month

3 Ways To Honor Women During Women's History Month

Throughout history, women were not given equal rights—and far less the tools they needed to succeed.

We are lucky to live in a time where encouraging women is encouraged. Women's History Month is celebrated throughout March; why not show your appreciation towards them by ensuring they are well equipped and perform their best in their professions?

Below is a shortlist of items that will show your appreciation for the women who help move your community forward.

Providing an ID badge is a perfect way to recognize the woman you admire. Not only will she be reminded of who she is in the workforce and feel a sense of pride but also let others know how she is of service. Helping design it will improve her appearance at work. That nurse or teacher you know will have a better sense of connecting with whoever she meets, and anyone she crosses will have something more to remember her by.


Badge reels can be turned into magnificent art pieces after being decorated, are necessary for the workforce, and appeal to the eye. From intriguing designs to personable touches, options provided by Etsy creators are endless. With this item being the best to hold IDs in place, it also reduces the likelihood of losing a badge accidentally. Make sure you let the women of your community know you care about the efficiency and ease of their work performance.




Honor that woman that devotes herself to her occupation with a safety breakaway lanyard. Showcase you care about making a potentially hazardous item a safe one. This is especially beneficial for those daycare employees that work with playful children. A lanyard may get caught around a child’s neck, quickly causing harm. The breakaway lanyard is the answer for issuing safety in the workplace with its quick-release clasp that opens effortlessly. Make work more enjoyable but overall safer with this perfect lanyard for that woman that’s on the run to perform at her best.




Although gifting flowers and chocolates are also positive ways to show admiration, providing supportive work-related tools will surely make a more significant impact. Visit Specialist ID to show the women on your team how much you want to look after them by making a lasting change in gender equality that extends beyond one day.

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