How Badge Buddies Help Identify Key Roles in the Healthcare

The United States Department of Labors Bureau of Labor Statistics predicts a spurt of 2.3 million new jobs in the healthcare industry from 2014 to 2024. That's a lot of workers! Big facilities like hospitals already employ thousands. 

Knowing Whos Who

When dealing in an industry such as this, proper identification (ID) is key. Yet, even with every worker tagged with proper ID, it can still cause confusion among colleagues and patients.

There are many departments in the healthcare industry and large facilities such as hospitals, nursing, and retirement homes. These facilities may employ so many people, that it wouldn't be uncommon to misidentify department worker from another.

Badge Buddies, Solution to Proper ID

This is where Badge Buddies come in. Badge Buddies have printed tags that can work with your existing photo ID, to easily identify hospital personnel. The badge buddy is longer than your standard ID, displaying a color bar with the title or role, just below your ID badge. These tags offer a selection of 18 standard colors, and many stock titles, that will distinguish one department worker from another. With all these color choices, administrators can not only organize name tags with departments, but they can also assign specific colors to certain positions. Badge buddies can also be completely customized, offering virtually any color or text to be printed and displayed on the tag.

Example: All doctors and physicians can have blue nametags while RNs are assigned their ones; nursing assistants get pink, and so forth.

Having a color-coded identification system in the healthcare industry is a great way to recognize visitors from employees or RegisteredNurses from Student Nurses and so forth. It prevents false identification and makes patients feel at ease knowing exactly who they are consulting with.

Most Common Type of BadgeBuddies Used

For facilities that already have an ID badge program established, but need better clarification to properly ID their employee's role, the Custom Printed Badge Buddy is the most popular.

There are two styles: horizontal and vertical. The most favorable feature here is that they are customizable! In the color-coded section, you can get a particular department printed on it. So not only would workers be able to identify personnel by color, but you can also print whatever you want on the ID tag.

TIP: If you want to create an ID tag that says Visitor, the team at Specialist ID can do that for you or you can do it yourself!

Where Can You Get Your Badge Buddy?

Specialist IDs website is designed so that you can make your own ID badges by choosing the color you want. You also have the freedom to type in a specific job position or department of your choice! There is also a huge selection of in-stock badges with many of the most common titles, such as LPN, LVN, RN, and many more.

Both the horizontal and vertical Badge Buddies are designed to work with a standard credit card sized ID badge. Of course, depending on the layout of your ID badge you will need to choose the corresponding layout.

Take a look at the video about Badge Buddies here.

All of our badge buddies are printed on both sides. You even add additional custom text and logos to the badge. Common additions are to supply lost and found contact information, emergency codes, medical reference notes, or general information about the healthcare facility.

Order Your BadgeBuddy Right Now.

Ordering your Badge Buddy is simple. All it takes is a couple of clicks and your shipment is on its way. While there is no minimum order for many in stock badges, custom orders do require 10-14 business days of lead time and have a minimum of 6 pcs per design.

Take a look at all of our Badge Buddy options here. If you need assistance, the team at Specialist ID is here to help. Just give us a call us toll-free at 1-800-380-6726, or inquire about other badge holding accessories online now.

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