How ID Badges Will Improve Your Company

Whether you're operating a small or large business, if your employees are communicating with the public, it's necessary to supply them with some sort of identification (ID) badge.

There are other ways to establish your employees with ID. For instance, all Target employees are required to wear a redshirt. cheesecake factory waiters must wear all white. While this serves as an easy way to identify employees, it isn't 100% full proof. What if shoppers and/or customers are wearing a red top or all-white attire

Do You Work Here?

Have you ever been to an establishment and been asked, Do you work here? simply because of what you were wearing? Then they see that you're not wearing an ID badge and apologize profusely. That can be pretty awkward. Don't let your customers make the same mistake. Supply your employees with an attractive and visible ID badge equipped with a nice badge holder.

When you walk into a place of business and look for assistance, aside from the attire, you immediately seek out someone who is wearing an ID badge. An ID badge improves customer service making employees easily identifiable while showcasing your brand.

Help Your Customers Out

Almost everyone knows how frustrating it can be to find assistance when shopping. If you want your customers to have a pleasant and memorable experience at your establishment, supply your employees with an attractive ID badge. It doesn't matter if you're in the retail, restaurant, or any other type of industry, letting your customers know who you're employees personalize their experience in your establishment providing a sense of trust to not only return their business but also recommend you to their friends and family.

Who knew name badges could have such an impact? Badge accessories can also do the same.

Badge Accessories

What's an ID badge without someplace to put it? Without the proper ID badge holder, your employees would have to stuff them in their pockets. This defeats the entire purpose of having an ID badge, to begin with. So why not supply workers with a fun and creative way to display their names?

Badge Reels

Specialist ID provides decorative badge reels and lanyards that can be used in a variety of ways. During March Madness, employees can have fun playing the brackets while supporting their favorite college basketball team. If your company prefers professional sports, you'll be sure to find a nice selection of NBA, NFL, and NCLB teams. If sports don't interest you, select a plain badge reel with contrasting company colors to make your employee's badges even more visible.


Lanyards are another attractive way to display ID badges. SpecialistID has a wide selection of lanyards in a wide array of colors that you can even customize.

Badge Holders

Don't forget about protecting the actual ID badge itself! SpecialistID offers simple affordable solutions to protect your ID badge from tearing, ripping or getting scratched up. Our Standard Vertical Vinyl ID Badge Holder or the Heavy Duty Clear Vinyl Horizontal Badge Holder with Re-sealable top is a sure way to preserve your ID and the contents within.

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