How to Gain Fast Role Recognition in a Hospital Environment can be one of the busiest hubs in the healthcare industry. In addition to doctors, nurses, patient care technicians and other related medical departments like x-ray, physical therapy, childrens wing, maternity floor and others, there are a lot of necessary roles. In addition to the healthcare providers, there are also segmented blocks of administrative departments that are necessary for keeping the entire operation together. The hospital cafeteria and gift store need to be fully operational as well. This does not include the actual patients and their visitors.

For liability purposes, its absolutely imperative to tag all hospital personnel in every department, no matter the pay grade, with proper identification.

The medical environment is one to be taken seriously as there are literally life and death situations occurring on a frequent basis. Professionals have to act on impulse. Therefore, the opportunity for formal introductions do not always present themselves. At a moments notice, the duty of a surgeon, doctor, or nurse will be call upon and with all of these different roles buzzing about the hospital, it will be difficult to determine who is who. That is why all hospital personnels photo ID needs to be accompanied with a Badge Buddy.


Read about HIPAA Badge Buddy Regulation for healthcare personnel here.

Custom Badge Buddies

Badge Buddies can be used for a wide variety of creative ID applications. However, what they are most popular for is to supplement healthcare professionals photo ID with a more visible role recognition.

Specialist ID, an online wholesale badge ID holder and accessory distributor supplies hospitals and health care facilities all over the country with Badge Buddies. Hospital administrators have the option of purchasing them in bulk or just a few at a time. However, its worth noting that the more purchasers order, the higher the discount per unit price.

Badge Buddies are available in horizontal and vertical display with a pre-punch slot hole for lanyards, badge reels, clips, or key chains to loop through.

For your convenience, Specialist ID has a stock of pre-printed Badge Buddies for hospital personnel.

Select from the following:


Specialist ID

Pre-Printed Badge Buddy Selection 





Registered Nurse


Physician Assistant







Nurse Practitioner


ER Tech


Physical Therapist





Medical Doctor




Respiratory Therapist



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