How to Solve the Biggest Problems With ID Badges

When it comes to providing the best identification (ID) badges, the two main solutions could be said to work against each other. For instance, if you think about why you need an ID badge in the first place, it's so you can:

The more visible they are, the better one can identify personnel. Whether your industry is retail, corporate, sports, industrial, medical, security, or anything that requires visible ID, it's crucial that you're able to display it in a way that's comfortable for personnel, yet easily seen by all.

Here's the drawback with making your IDs visible: They're too exposed.

Isn't that the entire purpose of having a good ID badge holder, to keep them exposed?

Yes and no.

Here's where things can get complicated. With today's technology, most ID badges serve a dual purpose. Cruise liners issue ID badges that double as a credit card and key to their stateroom. And most government ID badges have sensitive information contained in them that allow some employees access to certain department areas. So, this poses the problem of...

Keeping IDs Safe

How in the world can you keep something visible for the entire world to see while keeping it safe from any hackers who might want to extract that data?

Types of Badge Holders Available to You

Another posing problem for keeping IDs safe is considering the safety of the person holding the badge. Depending on the type of industry you're working in, it might not be the safest idea to have a lanyard wrapped around your neck. And if you do, perhaps considering a detachable lanyard might be the way to go. Another concern might be keeping your body free from any obstructions. If you're working around heavy machinery, or even in security, then an armband with a nice visible vinyl window that displays your ID badge for all to see might be the solution. There are also the RFID blocking ID badges that can serve as a secure barrier from getting illegally scanned.

You see, this is where the two objectives of keeping them visible and safe might seem to clash with one another. However, you might be able to understand a little better why keeping IDs visible and secure could pose a problem for some ID providers. But not Specialist ID!

About Specialist ID

Specialist ID provides a wide range of visible badge holders that keep IDs securely tucked away while displaying them to be openly visible for all to see. All of Specialist ID's items can be shipped out within 24 hours after receiving your order. After that, you can expect to receive your ID badges in 2 to 6 business days.

Customize Your Order!

We also have some ID badge holders that are customizable, and you'll be able to place your order directly through our website. If you prefer to talk to one of our customer service associates to place your order, call 1-800-380-6726. If you're local to the Miami area, then call 1-305-263-6808. You can also inquire about an order through our online form today.

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