ID Accessories Designed for Law Enforcement

Law enforcement is a growing industry. It's not only police officers, but the entire security industry as well. While the general public needs and may even be appreciative of civil law enforcement, oftentimes, more security is needed. Whether it's for a public event, as a private security guard, or for constant surveillance, there needs to be some type of visible identification to distinguish those who legitimately patrol. It can be said that proper identification for law enforcement plays a key role in establishing order.

The Need for VisibleIdentification

While almost everyone has a proper form of personal identification (ID), your work ID should be visible, or at least easily accessible, especially for those who are working law in enforcement, less you get mistaken as a lawbreaker!

Let's take a look at some of the types of ID badge holders that police officers, security guards, and other help in the law enforcement sector might need:

EK Patriot ShieldedRFID Blocking Two Card ID Badge Holder (10916)

This particular type of badge holder was specifically designed to keep two government-issued IDs or smart cards safe from illegal data skimming. With this heavy-duty badge holder, you're able to carry two badges in one holder. It comes with two slots so that you can attach it to a lanyard or badge reel vertically or horizontally.

**Watch a video about how the EK Patriot Card Holder can protect your data here.

Key-Bak Sidekick ID Badge Reel with Key Ring (0KB1-0A21)

For those who prefer to carry as much as they can, the Key-Bak retractable reel series might be an option. These badge holders are perfect for any department in the law enforcement industry who needs to carry a little more than their IDs. For instance, security guards typically need to carry a set of keys. The Key-Bak Sidekick ID is designed to carry an ID badge and up to6 keys or up to 4 oz.

Specialist ID has a wide selection of Key Bak badge holders. View our online catalog to find the one that might best suit your security needs here.

Leather LawEnforcement Badge Holders

During our 15 years in the badge holder and accessories industry, we have found that those who work in law enforcement prefer the leather badge holders the most. The kind we have in stock can hold a metal badge and some can even hold a metal badge along with a standard size ID.

The Boston Leather IDBadge and Metal Shield Holder with Neck Chain (5845)

This particular leather ID badge allows for one metal badge with pin-in holes to prevent re-pinning in different areas of the badge, creating new holes throughout the leather. On the other side, there is a clear vinyl slot to display a photo ID. The 5845 also comes with a lightweight steel chain to wear around the neck providing easy ID visibility. And it's also made in America!

**View our online catalog of leather ID badge holders here.

Buy as Many as YouLike!

Whether you need one badge holder or 100, Specialist ID has what you need. There is no minimum order. You can order in bulk and receive a discount off the unit price, or just order one and well ship your product out to you within 24hours.

If you have any questions about badge holders for law enforcement, do not hesitate to give us a call toll-free at 1-800-380-6726today!

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