ID Badge Clips Available in Bulk

For businesses or organizations looking to distinguish customers from employees, Specialist ID holds a wide variety of products to suit our client's needs such as ID badge clips. As a wholesaler we provide optimal prices for bulk orders which result in grand cost-saving results, providing ID badge clips for as low as $0.11! Our badge clips can be used with our extensive range of lanyards, badge reels, and more.

The benefits of buying in bulk are vast due to the low cost and premium quality of our products. Our customers have no order restrictions allowing you to place an order as large as 1500+ or as low as one single piece. Simply choose the amount of ID badge clips you would like and place your order right away! Please keep in mind, the more products you order the lower the cost per piece.

ID Badge Strap Clips with Clothing-Friendly Tip Starting at $0.18

Don't run the risk of tearing your clothes or pulling on someone else's clothing with our superior performance fabric-friendly ID badge clip. This badge clip is special to us because it holds our company name on it! We are so proud of this product and how easy it is to use on your lapel, shirt, pants, etc.

>>Interested in exploring more ID badge clip options? We can help by calling us at 800-380-6726 or use our online contact form.

Clothing Protector ID Strap Clip with Rubber Tip Starting at $0.32

Easily position your rubber tip ID strap clip onto your clothing without having to worry about damaging your clothing or anyone else you may stumble upon. Our clips are made to hold an assortment of slot punched ID holders available on our website. Each of our ID badge clips can be used with a variety of badge holders depending on the specific use you are looking for.

Colored Vinyl Strap Clips Starting at $0.22

Pick your favorite color with our assortment of six color options for our strap ID badge clips. These clips can be mixed and matched to coordinate with your scrubs, suit or uniform to add some style to your ID look. Our vinyl strap clips have an adjustable two-hole button you can fasten onto your outfit or ID badge holder. This item can be purchased in bulk with an additional discount when you purchase more clips as low as 34% discount.

Clear Vinyl Strap Clip Starting at $0.44

The ease of ordering in bulk includes having enough ID badge clips for the whole office or event and saving a pleasant amount of money! At Specialist ID we are here to make these wants a reality, we want you to be satisfied with our products and exceptional delivery service. The clear, strap stainless steel clip can be ordered in bulk starting at 500 per order and can increase to more than 1500 pieces. At Specialist ID we want YOU to choose your preference and we will gladly tailor to your needs.

As a badge holder company, we strive to carry the widest array of ID badge clips for our users every need. Our website offers over 20 different types of badge clips so you'll be sure to find one that's for you.

We hold an exceptional level of industry knowledge where we can help with any questions or concerns you may have about ID badge clips or other accessories. We are happy to accommodate to your precise needs, from bulk order to single product order we will be here to find you the right ID badge clip at the right price. Please feel free to contact us today at 800-380-6726 or via our online contact form.

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